Round Knoll

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4/5 (2 reviews)
Huntington, Utah (Emery County)
Last Updated: 03/26/2021
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Round Knoll is a worth-while, and fairly non-technical 4x4 trail located within the San Rafael Swell, a year-round playground with a large network of off-road trails. You’ll begin the trek just off of Oil Well Flat in a desolated area of open plains featuring a beautiful backdrop of towering canyon walls. The further in you travel, the more dodging and dipping is to be dealt as you weave through surrounding junipers, pinyon pines, and a variety of small shrubs. There are a couple of climbs up some mildly steep, and rock filled slopes, eventually wrapping up and around the small knoll, creating a scenic loop connecting with The Wickiup.

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4/5 (2)
Rated 4/5
Visited: 05/24/2022
Difficulty Accuracy: Easier

The trail has been graded for most of the 2nd half so the "loose hill climb" was almost unnoticeable, a 2-3 for this trail as the last person stated would probably be perfect. Still super scenic and fun to go fast, I'll be back to check other trails in the area.
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Rated 4/5
Visited: 03/26/2021

Calvary 4-Wheelers ran Round Knoll as part of our annual Spring Break trip to Utah. Along for the ride were me and my wife, Missy, in our stock TJ, our daughter, Leona, and her boyfriend, Steve, in our stock WJ, Karen in her stock JK, Mike and Jessica in their nicely built LJ, my nephew, Jon and his dad (my brother), Richard, in Jon’s lifted XJ, and my niece, Kiyanna, and her mom (my sister-in-law), Kirsten in Kiyanna’s lifted TJ. We started from Buckhorn Draw off of I-70 and ran from south to north ending up on Oil Well Flat. The weather was cool and cloudy but decent. The scenery was, of course, spectacular. I was somewhat surprised at how easy the trail was. I think it may be rated a little high. I traversed the entire trail in the stock TJ without ever putting it in 4wd and did not struggle. I think a 2 or maybe a 2-3 rating would be more appropriate. After reaching Oil Well Flat, we made our way over to the bottom half of Cane Wash to finish the day.
Trail Review: Round Knoll - Bill Andrews
Trail Review: Round Knoll - Bill Andrews
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