Cane Wash

Green River, Utah (Emery County)

Last Updated: 03/26/2021
4.5 / 5 ( 2 reviews )
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Status: Open
Typically Open: Year Round
Difficulty: 2-2
( EASY )
Length: 16.3 miles
Highest Elevation: 6360 feet
Duration: About 1 hour, 50 minutes
Shape of Trail: Connector
Best Direction to Travel: North
Nearest Town: Green River
Nearest Town w/ Services: Green River
Official Road Name: 643
Management Agency: Bureau of Land Management
District: Price Field Office
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Highlight: Cane Wash
This beautiful off-road trail acts as a shortcut from Buckhorn Draw Road over to Fixit Pass. Wash roads in the San Rafael Swell are abundant, but this one has a few extra features along its edges such as hikes and abandoned mines. This wash has some incredible scenery as it takes you from the more green area near Locomotive Point into the barren desert along the central portion of Buckhorn Draw Road. If you feel like taking a dip, you can even reach the San Rafael River via Fuller Bottom. What this wash lacks in obstacles, it makes up for in scenery. This off-road trail will get you deep into the network of trails within the San Rafael Swell providing days of endless excitement and scenery to view.



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Route Information

Advanced Rating System

Recommended Vehicle:
2WD Vehicle with High Clearance
The trail is a sandy wash most of the way. Once you exit the wash, it is a simple dirt road.

Technical Rating: 2-2
( EASY )

Dirt and/or rocky road. Potential rocks and/or tree stumps less than 8" tall and/or vertical ledges less than 9" tall and/or near vertical ledges or waterfalls less than 12" inches. Good tire placement likely. Can be steep but with good traction.
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The trail travels up the Cane Wash drainage from the beginning of Fixit Pass to Buckhorn Draw. It is mostly sandy wash with occasional rocks. There can be wet or muddy sections if there has been recent rain.
As with all wash roads, do not run this trail if there is the possibility of flash floods.


1. Trailhead (0 mi)
The trailhead begins at the intersection of Fixit Pass and Nielsen Dugway heading northeast in the wash. There is a sign pointing you to Cane Wash
2. Scenic (0.9 mi)
The scenery is incredible! Even in the base of a wash, you can see quite a distance.
3. Oil Well Flat - Stay Left (1.6 mi)
At this intersection, make a left/straight S-motion to continue in the northeast direction. Turning right will put you on Oil Well Flat.
4. Scenic (5.7 mi)
Enjoy the incredible scenery.
5. Hiking Trailhead (9.3 mi)
Hiking trailhead to Sid's Mountain and No Man's Mountain. There is a small amount of space to park.
6. Cane Wash Cutoff - Continue Straight (9.3 mi)
Just opposite of the hiking trailhead is the trailhead for Cane Wash Cutoff. This is a shortcut to Oil Well Flat and Buckhorn Draw.
7. Exit Wash (13.2 mi)
At this point, you will make a U-turn to the right (east) to exit the wash.
8. Little Hut (14.1 mi)
This is a turnoff to a little hut dugout in the mountain.
9. Mine Turnoff (14.8 mi)
Turn right (north) for the Calf Mesa Uranium Mine. Continue straight to head toward Buckhorn Draw.
10. Mine (14.8 mi)
Calf Mesa Uranium Mine. The actual entrance to the mine is at the top of the cable, which would be quite a hike. Shortly after the mine, you will come across two abandoned vehicles. The truck is quite a piece of history: A 1940's International KS5 with the original flathead Green Diamond engine. For more information, check out the Geological Survey.
11. Gate (15.5 mi)
In the wash, you will come up to a gate. Please close the gate behind you when you pass through.
12. End (16.3 mi)
Once you reach the end, you will be at an intersection with Buckhorn Draw Road.

Directions to Trailhead

Trailhead Coordinates: 38.912485, -110.774094

Starting Point: Ferron, Utah

You must complete a number of trails to reach Cane Wash. Once in Ferron, turn east on Dutch Flat Road. Follow this road 3.5 miles until it intersects with Molen Cutoff. Bank right and continue to follow Molen Cutoff/Dutch Flat Road (701) for 11 miles until you reach a big dirt lot with a kiosk. This marks the beginning of the North Fork of Coal Wash. After completing the North Fork of Coal Wash, you must then complete Fixit Pass. The trailhead for Fixit Pass begins at the end of North Fork of Coal Wash. Once you complete Fixit Pass, you will be at the trailhead for Cane Wash. Alternately, you can start at Buckhorn Draw 3.8 miles south of the Swinging Bridge campground.


There are very few campsites along Cane Wash itself. One location would be right at the trailhead. For more options, consider the beginning of Black Dragon Wash, the beginning of Devil's Racetrack around Locomotive Point, or the developed San Rafael Bridge Campground for a fee.
Camping: Cane Wash

Trail Reviews (3)

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Calvary 4-Wheelers ran Round Knoll as part of our annual Spring Break trip to Utah. Along for the ride were me and my wife, Missy, in our stock TJ, our daughter, Leona, and her boyfriend, Steve, in our stock WJ, Karen in her stock JK, Mike and Jessica in their nicely built LJ, my nephew, Jon and his dad (my brother), Richard, in Jon’s lifted XJ, and my niece, Kiyanna, and her mom (my sister-in-law), Kirsten in Kiyanna’s lifted TJ. After completing Round Knoll to Oil Well Flat, we made our way across the Cane Wash cutoff and began the bottom half of Cane Wash from Waypoint 6. There had been some rain the night before and I was expecting wet and muddy conditions but the wash had mostly dried out already and the going was smooth. We made our way down the wash keeping a steady pace and enjoying the scenery. We stopped at the “hut” and some of us got out to explore but the weather was turning colder and the wind was picking up so we didn’t stay very long. Some of us wonder if there may be a mine tunnel behind the plywood of the back wall. It seems like a lot of structure for such a tiny hut. We made the turn off to the Calf Mesa Mine but it was continuing to get colder and windier so nobody wanted to get out and explore. We did enjoy the abandoned vehicles, especially the truck. My dad had an old International when I was growing up. I don’t think it was quite that old, probably early 50s and it was red but it did bring back memories. After we completed the trail, as we headed down Buckhorn Draw back to I-70, the weather turned and we got rain, hail, sleet and snow, fairly heavy at times, enough to cover the ground but not enough to effect driving, other than visibility. It was a spotty storm, like a summer thunder shower only colder. It would let up and almost stop and then start dumping again and continued off and on all the way down the highway to the San Rafael Reef.

Status: Open
Offroaded on:
Cane Wash: An easy, scenic and fun trail. After descending the Reid Nelson Dugway we entered the wash at the Cane Wash/Fix-it-Pass junction and took trail, #643 to the Buckhorn Draw/Cottonwood Wash road, a distance of about 17-miles. It took us about 1 ½ hours, plus another 45 minutes to explore the Calf Mesa Uranium mine. While not a challenging trail the scenery is impressive. The wash is sandy with a few rocks and it is wet for about 2+ miles. The salty water appears to be from springs, coming out of the cliffs, that border the wash. The exit road to the Calf Mesa Uranium mine is fairly rough, the road is almost a continuous series of ruts and dips until reaching the mine. From the mine it is a little over 2-miles to Buckhorn Draw/Cottonwood Wash road.

Author: Official Crew
Status: Open
Offroaded on:
I was actually quite surprised with this trail. I figured it would be a boring wash road just used as an access road but I was wrong. Although there are no challenges along this trail, it was very enjoyable and it covered quite the distance. The trail did have a few wet spots from a recent storm but it was generally dry. Still one of my favorite areas to wheel!

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TJ Bosworth

Mapping Crew - Utah

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, he's only been off-roading since he was 16 but fell in love immediately. He attended college in Denver for Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management and wheeled in Colorado for 4 years, but ended up moving back home to Salt Lake City. He currently works in an off-road shop and spends his free time doing anything he can to stay busy, which is usually working on his jeep or playing music. Outside of off-roading, he is an avid whitewater rafter and outdoor cook. Camping at least every other weekend in any season is a normal year. The further from civilization, the better. Bring on the memories!
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