Broad Canyon

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4/5 (4 reviews)
Eureka, Utah (Utah County)
Last Updated: 08/26/2022

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This is a beautiful drive into the heart of the Tintic Mountains. The network of trails in the area can keep you exploring for days but still make for a fun short trip from the Salt Lake or Provo Valley's. The trails near the base of the Tintic Mountains also make for some good snow wheeling due to the easy nature of the trails in the summer and fall months. During the summer, these small canyons can offer some cool away from the heat of the west desert. In the fall, the leaves are on fire and make for some very scenic photos, especially if you get to the higher elevations and look out west over Vernon, north toward 5 Mile Recreation Area, or east toward Utah Lake. Broad Canyon is the entrance from the north side of the mountains that takes you into the center of the range where you can access many other spurs taking you into random canyons, fun little playgrounds, and many mines. You could have a month off of work and not explore all of what the Tintic Mountains have to offer.

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Broad Canyon takes you from the flatlands of the West Desert into the heart of the Tintic Mountains. Although it may just be a simple dirt road, it makes for some fun snow wheeling with no cliffs or hills to slide off of. Once you reach the end there is a playground of old mine tailings creating small but steep hills to mess around in. The pines, juniper, and scrub oak make this area a bit cooler than surrounding areas in the heat of the summer. You can probably expect some traffic due to the ease of the road, however, it is not hard to start climbing and get away from the campers and find a place to string up a hammock in peace.

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4/5 (4)
Visited: 09/01/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Basically a trail to connect to the Black Rock Canyon trail. Lots of options for camping along the way. Just don't stray on to private property.
Visited: 03/22/2021

Way too muddy to do right now. I had trouble just getting far enough to find a place to turnaround. Ended up having to back down. Also did twelve mile pass , Allen's ranch road , Elberta slant road, east tin8c exploratory route and a few others in the video.
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Rated 4/5
Visited: 11/30/2019

Great area to come snow wheeling. Headed up after the week of big Thanksgiving storms in Utah. Most of this area was barely covered, however Broad Canyon managed to get about 8 inches so there was enough to make things fun. Other than a few areas and other spur trails, this trail isn't that "dangerous" in regards to sliding off or hitting trees. The trail is shaped nicely for some good snow wheeling! Managed to wander up a spur trail and make some fresh tracks. The downside was we also managed to get the XJ stuck. Made it to the top of a little climb and slid off to the side. Every time he tried to move back into the rut we dug, he slid further down. I (red TJ) hooked up my winch to a snatchblock and got him pulled back up onto the trail. Gotta love putting your recovery equipment to use! Great day!
Trail Review: Broad Canyon - TJ Bosworth
Trail Review: Broad Canyon - TJ Bosworth
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Visited: 12/30/2017

Drove it today from 5 mile pass down Railroad Bed Road to the end, left and up through Broad Canyon Road over to Homansville Pass Road through Chiulos Canyon Road, Packard Peak, into Eureka from the south side. Snow, ice, mud, dry road. Temperatures in the mid 30's to mid 40's.

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