Moonshine Brook, NB

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Albrights Corner, New Brunswick (Sunbury County)
Last Updated: 12/01/2021

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It is important to note the background behind these lakes since the water looks crystal clear like pool water and appears very inviting. While there are no signs warning of any contamination, or prohibiting swimming, visitors should know the background and make informed decisions based on this knowledge. More info here. The New England Settlement region, was home to a surface coal mine covering 100 hectares that was operated from 1982–1985. When operations seized, the mine was reclaimed using less porous materials than the surrounding host rock. Therefore, groundwater and surface water flow preferentially through the waste rock. The acid mine drainage (AMD) is characterized by a pH of 3.5 and high concentrations of iron and aluminum giving this water it's distinctly bright green and blue colour. A hydrated lime water treatment plant was constructed in 1986 to treat the AMD using chemical precipitation. The discharge is being treated pursuant to the Clean Water Act and to mitigate the ecological risk. Since treatment, the levels of contaminants have decreased each year.

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