Evans Creek / Trail #519

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5/5 (6 reviews)
Wilkeson, Washington (Pierce County)
Last Updated: 11/16/2023
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Trail #519 is in the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest within the Evans Creek ORV park area. It is one of a dozen trails in this park designated for 4x4 use, forming over 45 miles of trail riding. Trails are well marked and rated from Easy to Most Difficult. Trail #519 climbs to the highest point in the park and is a must-ride on sunny days for stunning vistas of Mount Rainier and the surrounding peaks and valleys. Combining those views with hill climbs, off-camber sections, and an unforgiving stump obstacle makes this a trail to remember. 

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Trail Reviews

5/5 (7)
Visited: 11/29/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Spot On

Went out to Evans Creek at the invitation of Mapper Mike G with 2 friends and their Jeeps. We were super lucky the trail is still open at this time of year. The weather was perfect, the scenery was drop dead gorgeous and we had an absolutely EPIC day wheeling thanks to Mike. I've only been Jeeping a year and he was a great spotter and coach for me (and everyone). Mapper Mitch was there too and he also was great at helping us all learn these trails and become a better Jeepers.

My 2 friends and I all have JLs with about a 2" lift and 35s. We would not have attempted these trails without Mike guiding us. I'm sure glad he did. Mike led us on a trip that included 102 to 199 to 519 and then it was getting dark so we took the easy way down.

We did trail 519 in the opposite direction as the guide. It was indeed narrow and had the treacherous tree root at waypoint 11 going uphill rather than downhill. I don't know if that's easier or not. Mike was leading and he casually winched his jeep and back passenger wheel over the root. Mitch then had us stack some rocks and the rest of made it without winching with some great spotting from Mike and Mitch. Mike coached me on using front lockers to force the nose to slide and drop as you pivot around the root using your rockers. After we all got past the waypoint 11 obstacle, we hit a large group of Jeepers coming in the opposite direction. It was difficult to decide how we could all make the pass. We really could not back up around the obstacle so the other group was forced to back up and find creative ways to get off the trail. They were very gracious about the whole thing. They had some seriously build rigs and were better equipped than a newbie like me to find a creative way off the trail. A number of them winched themselves uphill just enough so we could squeeze by.

We stopped at the best viewpoint in the park (according to Mike) at close to the high point. I got out my drone and got some cool pics. I'll post one here. We proceeded on the trail and as it was getting towards the golden hour, we decided to take an easier route down and get a few more photos. We still ended up having to air up in pitch darkness but it was well worth it. A totally epic day!!
Trail Review: Evans Creek / Trail #519 - Jeff Grove
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Official Crew
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Seasonal Closure
Visited: 11/16/2023

This trail is now closed due to seasonal snow levels
This trail guide's difficulty was changed on 09/24/2023
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Visited: 07/16/2023
Difficulty Accuracy: Harder

After 15 years running 4x4 trails, I have to stress, this is not an "EASY" trail. I rate this a low to mid range "MODERATE" (5) my book due to the stump turn on the bypass. The first climb up is loose baseball sized rocks. No problem for an experienced 4x4er. But at the bypass,519A, thing got tricky. On the bypass there is a hairpin tun around a stump root ball. No way to avoid it and is on an off camber pivot. It was ok but I took damage to the body coming off the stump. A longwheelbase better be ready to scout and maybe even pull a line as the pivot around the stump on your drive side and off a rock on the passenger side can snag ya up.
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Visited: 05/24/2023

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