Winter Solstice Road

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3.5/5 (3 reviews)
Fairfield, Utah (Tooele County)
Last Updated: 07/19/2018

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This is a gorgeous trail just west of Utah Lake. You gain elevation quickly and get rewarded with great views. It is a relatively mild trail allowing SUV's of all sorts to reach the mines and enjoy a day away from the city. This trail also serves as a quick emergency exit to the more challenging trails in the network in case you have any breakages, injuries, or other emergencies. Although there are no major obstacles, it is a nice trail to cruise up or down if you are in the area.

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3.5/5 (3)
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Rated 4/5
Visited: 03/28/2021

I feel like the trail reviews up to this point are a little harsh on this fun little trail. I took the family up this in my mostly-stock Tacoma and we had a lot of fun. For someone who is not a very experienced offroader this provides a fun way to experience various types of trail conditions. While it does start out as a mostly flat dirt road it quickly turns into a somewhat-tight winding trail that puts you mildly off-camber at various times. There are some 6-8" rocks all throughout the trail and a few steep shelves which won't pose a challenge to a 4x4 (especially in 4lo--which admittedly probably isn't required) but that I bet would be pretty tough in 2wd (I wouldn't recommend this to any 2wd vehicle even though the rating says it should be fine). The "fun little hill" was a lot of fun; for my unlifted truck we definitely scraped during breakover, though not enough that I would have been concerned about high-centering. A longer truck might be an issue. We did encounter quite a few others on this trail; mostly 4 wheelers and dirt bikes, but we did see a few other full sized vehicles. Most of them were going down as it was the exit to some of the harder trails, but we did also hit a train of Toyotas going up. There aren't always a ton of great places to pass, but overall not too difficult to work it out. My family had a lot of fun. The kids really enjoyed the small whoops and mild off-camber parts. The views at the top were nice and scenic. It might not be too exciting for experienced off roaders, but it's a great way to dip your toe into something more difficult than dirt roads. I agree with the rating of 2 on this.
Trail Review: Winter Solstice Road - Braden
Trail Review: Winter Solstice Road - Braden
Visited: 11/22/2020

This basically a bypass for rattlesnake. It'll end at the same mine tailings as rattlesnake does. From here you can explore as much or as little as you want of 5 mile pass. There's a few spots to have a little fun but it's basically a dirt road with some 6 inch rocks in spots.
Trail Review: Winter Solstice Road - Will Thaler
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Rated 3/5
Visited: 07/19/2018

This trail remains the same with all of the traffic. Basically just used as the easy way out, nothing special. Hot and dusty in the summer and usually too busy. Only hit one other group today so that was a nice change.

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