Black Rock Canyon

2/5 (1 reviews)
Eureka, Utah (Tooele County)
Last Updated: 08/26/2022

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This is the most well known off-road trail in the area, although still pretty abandoned most of the year. This is a popular trail to get from Saratoga to Vernon Reservoir following a section of the Prospector OHV Complex. This complex is hundreds of miles of dirt roads ranging from Tooele to Eureka, and Utah Lake to Dugway. You could spend days on the trails and never see the same thing twice. The mines in the area are the main reason for the off-roading though, as this used to be one of the biggest mining areas in the state of Utah. There are still plenty of mines that you can explore if you know where they are. Nutty Putty Cave, although now closed off, is one of the more famous of them all and even has a movie out about the story of the man whose body still remains within the walls. Black Rock Canyon is the only trail to take you straight up and over the East Tintic Mountains allowing you to reach a whole new area of trails. The View is a spur off of this trail and provides one of the best views of the West Desert in Utah. Be sure to pack plenty of food and water as it is easy to get lost on all of the spurs out here, and bring a flashlight to explore some caves!

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2/5 (1)
Official Crew
Rated 2/5
Visited: 05/12/2018

Good trail to just get away from the city but thats about it. All of the history in the area is on other trails.

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