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Wheeler Lake - Alma, Colorado
Technical Rating: 5-7
Difficulty: Moderate
Length: 3.0 Miles
Duration: about 3 hours
Status: Closed

Wheeler Lake

Alma, Colorado

This off-road trail offers breathtaking alpine scenery and challenging obstacles in Breckenridge, Colorado's back yard and is only 1.5 hours from Denver, Colorado. You'll be in constant awe from Montgomery Reservoir, to the Magnolia Mill, all the way up the valley to Wheeler Lake itself. The town of Montgomery started in 1861 after the discovery of gold in the Middle Fork of the South Platte River. The town boomed and soon had up to 70 cabins, 2 hotels, and 2 sawmills that ran all day and night. You can still look around this trail and see many stumps left of the trees that were used to build this town. Just a year later in 1862 the town flourished and had 150 cabins and 6 mills used to process the gold ore. In celebration of Colorado becoming a territory, the town sent President Lincoln a gold bar and named one of the highest peaks in the area in his honor. Eventually the gold became exhausted and only a few residents remained. 19 years later in 1881, silver ore was discovered and the town was populated once again.

At the beginning of Wheeler Lake, you will drive through the Magnolia Mill site. Formerly named the Eddy Mill. It used the MacArthur-Forrest process to treat the ore that came from the Magnolia Mine, which is located 1,200 feet above the mill on North Star Mountain. In 1917, the Commonwealth Mining Company purchased the mine and mill and expanded the mine shortly after. Built between the mill and mine was a 3,800 foot tramway, which still can be seen in the trees today.

By the late 1940s, there were only ruins left in the town of Montgomery. The City of Colorado Springs later purchased the site in the 1960s and cleared out what remained. A dam was constructed and now the town site sits below the waters of the Montgomery Reservoir.

Round Hill - Fairplay, Colorado
Technical Rating: 2-3
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4.9 Miles
Duration: about 1 hour
Status: Seasonal Closure

Round Hill

Fairplay, Colorado

FS Road 426 is another gem among the 4-wheel drive roads south of Fairplay, Colorado. This seemingly remote section of the Pike National Forest doesn't get the accolades that more popular roads (Mosquito Pass, Weston Pass, Wheeler Lake, etc.) garner. But for panoramic views, quiet forests, and serene meadows, the Sheep Ridge and Sheep Creek area is hard to beat.

26E213 - Coyote Lake Trail  - Shaver Lake, California
Technical Rating: 7-9
Difficulty: Moderate-Difficult
Length: 1.7 Miles
Duration: about 2 hours
Status: Seasonal Closure

26E213 - Coyote Lake Trail

Shaver Lake, California

A high mountain lake hidden at the end of the Red Lake 4x4 Trail is, literally, only the beginning. Coyote Lake Trail is a challenging, rock crawling 4x4 trail that runs from Red Lake to Coyote Lake. Rock crawling, swimming, fishing, camping and lake side relaxation in the high mountains of the Sierra National Forest make for one of the most rewarding 1.7 miles you can run. This is one of many 4x4 trails in the Red Mountain off-road trail network in the Sierra National Forest, northeast of Shaver Lake and Southeast of Huntington Lake. Rock obstacles, dense forest, and two lakes make Coyote Lake Trail a prime destination for the seasoned wheeler looking to get off the grid.

8S42 to Sand Flats - Shaver Lake, California
Technical Rating: 2
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.4 Miles
Duration: 30 minutes
Status: Seasonal Closure

8S42 to Sand Flats

Shaver Lake, California

Forest route 8S42, part of the Red Mountain OHV trail system in the Sierra National Forest, includes mild off-road challenges, dense green forest, numerous camping opportunities and, best of all, access to the five lake trails; Red Lake, Coyote Lake, Mirror Lake, Strawberry Lake and West Lake.

8S42 - Sand Flats is a great trail for an off-road beginner or a necessary trail for the more advanced wheeler looking to reach the more challenging lake trails at the east end.

8S10 - Red Mountain Road

Shaver Lake, California

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2N87Y - Erwin Ranch Road - Big Bear City, California
Technical Rating: 1-3
Difficulty: Easy
Length: 3.0 Miles
Duration: 35 minutes
Status: Open

2N87Y - Erwin Ranch Road

Big Bear City, California

It's not possible to highlight only one part of this beautiful 3 mile offroad trail. It is in the San Bernardino National Forest, east of Big Bear Lake and Baldwin Lake. In 1859, Billy Holcomb came to nearby, now called, Holcomb Valley. He discovered Gold in 1860. The trail itself is beautiful with scenic views of the Mojave Desert to the north, Bear Valley and Mt San Gorgonio to the west and south. This is a perfect trail for the new 4-wheeler with some narrow and tight turns, including a section where 4wd is indicated, and depending on conditions, maybe a locker. (view the video at 2:53)

Rattlesnake - Fairfield, Utah
Technical Rating: 4-6
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Length: 1.6 Miles
Duration: about 1 hour
Status: Open


Fairfield, Utah

This is a gorgeous trail in western Utah that gives you some incredible views as well as some old mines to look down into. You also get to walk across the top of the grates that cover the closed-off mines. Just make sure you don't bring anything over them unless you have a firm grip! Being so close to Salt Lake City, you will often come across other off-roaders no matter the time of day or day of the week. Many people even do night runs in the area. There are many spurs around that can take you to different areas of the mountain so be sure you remember where you came from.

3N17 - White Mountain - Big Bear Lake, California
Technical Rating: 3-7
Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
Length: 8.5 Miles
Duration: about 4 hours
Status: Open

3N17 - White Mountain

Big Bear Lake, California

White Mountain off-road trail offers some of the best views in the San Bernardino Mountain Range. Close to Big Bear, it is a great trail for the type of 4x4 / wheeler that likes steep hill climbs offering alternate routes from moderate to extreme. This is also a good trail to run for the people who are looking for a enjoyable drive along the northern spine of the mountain range. The views along this trail are unique as for you can see Johnson Valley, Lucerne Valley, Cougar Buttes, Apple Valley, Barstow, Calico, and at night see lights of Las Vegas.

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