The Book Cliffs

Offroad Trails in The Book Cliffs

A Region within Utah

Eastern Utah is home to many diverse regions, from high-elevation alpine mountains to the red rock desert of Moab. Between these vastly different landscapes lie the Book Cliffs, a unique combination of flora and fauna, conveniently located off of I-70 between Green River, Utah, and Grand Junction, Colorado. Although they are often overlooked for more popular destinations, consider exploring what this special region has to offer.

The Book Cliffs combines a multitude of unique features into a vast and usually neglected area. At the base of the Book Cliffs, one can expect central Utah desert-type terrain, with jagged rocks and junipers dotting the landscape. As the trails wind up the numerous canyons, the scenery quickly changes to a moderately thick forest lined with towering pines, firs, and shrubs.

The trails within the network consist of bumpy packed dirt and the occasional rocky patch that will slow most users down. Rock crawling is not the popular feature here; however, overlanders will enjoy the mild challenges as they explore the miles of trails webbing their way around the mountains. Sight-seers will also be fond of the many historic artifacts that this region boasts, from petroglyphs to old buildings and mining machinery.

Rather than driving by this unique region, consider planning a weekend trip to explore the seemingly endless interconnected routes. Whether you are looking for easy single-day trails to historic sites or moderate trails to guide you on an adventure-packed overlanding excursion, there is something here for everyone. Often times, the less explored locations are holding hidden treasures that will surely surprise you!

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