Sand Hollow

Offroad Trails in Sand Hollow

A Region within Utah

Disneyland for Wheelers!

Sand Mountain OHV Area, adjacent to Sand Hollow State Park, might be the happiest place on earth if you are an off-roader. This sprawling 20,000-acre landscape of red sandstone and rolling sand dunes has become a must-see destination for offroad enthusiasts nationwide. With the incredible backdrop of bright burgundy sand, blue waters of Sand Hollow Reservoir, and intriguing rock formations everywhere the eye can see, the scenery is just icing on the cake for an area covered with limitless opportunities to test your driver skills and your vehicle’s capabilities. This southern Utah plateau offers trails in every difficulty category, from easy dirt roads to the gnarliest buggy climbs you have ever seen.

Although you don’t need an extreme rock crawler to enjoy the Sand Hollow trails, it truly does cater to those willing to test limits and boundaries. The sandstone gives your tires an insane amount of grip, making impossible-looking climbs seem far too easy. Seeing black rubber along a shear, straight-up wall is the norm here. If you come from an area of the country where wheel speed is the key to success, that technique will be your demise on the rocks in Sand Hollow. Obstacles here can be crawled with minimal effort or by giving a ledge the occasional “bump.” If speed is your thing, the dunes are a perfect place to open up the throttle and toss some rooster tails.

If you run into an obstacle you simply aren’t comfortable with, don’t worry; The entire area is designated as an open OHV area, meaning you can choose any line or route you see fit. That is another big draw to the area. Nearly all of the trails across the mountain offer optional obstacles that can be bypassed, making this destination a great choice for groups of varying skill levels. Hardcore riders can take on a wicked obstacle while your buddy in his brand-new stock truck watches and enjoys from a path of his own, only feet away.

Whether you come to shred some dunes, crawl some rocks, or enjoy the scenery, the offroad playground of Sand Mountain has an adventure waiting for you.

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