Trail Status 101: From Open to Permanently Closed

December 22, 2022

Knowing the trail status is crucial before starting your next off-road adventure with Trails Offroad™. Is the trail open, closed for the season, or permanently closed? Let's dive into what each status means.

What is a trail status and how does it work?

A trail status can help you understand the accessibility of the trail at a glance. Trails Offroad™ authors can edit trail guides to update the status as necessary, or members can leave a trail review and select the most appropriate status from the drop-down menu before submitting their review.


Breaking down each status and meaning

The trail is open to licensed, highway-legal vehicles.

Permanently Closed
The trail is closed to all motor vehicle traffic with no date for re-opening.

Temporary Closure
The trail is temporarily closed, which could be attributed to factors such as fire restrictions, flooding, road damage, and more. For additional details from the author, refer to the Trail Reviews.

Seasonal Closure
The trail is closed for the season per Management Agency Rules. Open dates are typically listed on the MVUM or management agency website (ex. Open 04/01-12/31)

The trail is impassable due to snow or weather conditions. This is used for situations where one would only be able to partially complete the trail. An example is a high country trail where the snowpack is still too deep to complete the trail even after the road has seasonally opened for the year.

Partially Open
The trail may be impassable in certain sections or is open and passable up to a certain point. Check the trail reviews for further information and use your best judgment on whether your vehicle can handle the impassable section(s).

Not Reported
No recent or updated information is available for this trail.  This is a unique circumstance and isn't seen often.

Trails statuses on the map

Our Trails Offroad™ authors and members put in a lot of work to provide helpful information for your offroad adventures. To easily find trails, you can use Filters in the sidebar and select a specific status. And don't forget to check the latest Trail Reviews for more details on trail conditions and other members' experiences.

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