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May 9, 2024
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As Mother’s Day and the general kick-off to camping season approaches, why not switch it up this year and gift the leading ladies in our lives something they can take into the great outdoors this summer? We have pulled together 5 gift ideas perfect for any overland mom. Trails Offroad is not compensated for mentioning any of these items, we just think they're pretty darn cool.


Help mom stay cozy by the fire with a KickSac outdoor non-blanket. KickSac is a travel-friendly blanket alternative that is water-resistant, fireproof, and open-bottomed with a drawstring waist. Keep a KickSac in the back of the truck and use it anywhere from a fireside camp chair to the bleachers at a football game. We also love that (like Trails Offroad) this is a Colorado company!


LavaBox Portable Campfire

Speaking of campfires (and Colorado companies), many of us know the bummer of Fire Ban season when the nights are chilly, and campfires are strictly prohibited. Depending on the ban level, a propane fire is often still allowed. Pits designed for home patios are cumbersome and not very portable, but what about a fire pit the size of an ammo can? Consider something like a LavaBox!


Kindle Paperwhite

Enjoying a few pages from your favorite book is a small luxury when the kids have successfully exhausted themselves and are down for a nap or in that short time winding down before bed in the tent. A Kindle Paperwhite is handy with its small size/weight, long battery life, and glare-proof screen.


Loop Quiet 2 Earplugs

For some, the sounds of the great outdoors are the best lullaby, but occasionally camping may include listening to campground neighbors, generators, vehicles, or noisy animals. For a little peace and quiet check out the Loop Quiet2 earplugs.


Trails Offroad All-Access Membership

We have lost count of how many times we’ve been told that Mom is not only a passenger on the trails, but more importantly, she’s in charge of navigation. We may not be so bold as to make the direct claim that Trails Offroad saves marriages, but it certainly isn't a bad thing when the navigator can have every detail ahead of time. A Trails Offroad All-Access Membership is a Mother’s Day gift that can bring peace of mind to navigator moms everywhere.


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Ariana Dufour
Ariana grew up driving the dirt roads of southeastern Colorado before living in Denver where she was introduced to the offroad and overland community while exploring the Colorado Front Range. Now currently residing in Salt Lake City, Ariana heads up Marketing and Design for Trails Offroad. You can find her on the trail, always looking for the next amazing campsite in her 2004 Lexus GX470 with her two border collies.

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