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Hero: Sampsonite
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Sampsonite is a newly designated trail that snakes its way up and down many washes like a wet spaghetti noodle. The trail is located in the eastern half of Sand Mountain, traveling between Wayne's World and the east fence line. Sampsonite is not well-traveled and can be hard to follow at times as you traverse through soft sand and past dense sagebrush. Numerous slickrock ledges exist, ranging from a few inches to several feet in size. A number of slickrock humps protrude out of the sand, creating tough breakover angles for small-tire vehicles or vehicles without a lift. The trail can be run in either direction and is roughly the same difficulty either way. Although not difficult, this trail is not recommended for stock vehicles. A lift and larger tires are required simply due to the breakover angles needed to traverse most obstacles. If you are not comfortable with undercarriage scraping, you should avoid this trail.

About Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain is an extremely unique parcel of public land. Designated as an Open OHV Area, riders are free to make their own trails. Due to this, many of the long-established named trail routes have several variations that can take easier or more challenging routes through the intended trail. The GPX track for this trail helps you navigate the area, but various lines, bypasses, and additional obstacles may exist along the way. Riders are encouraged to stay on existing trails and not unnecessarily drive over or destroy vegetation.


Riding on Sand Mountain is entirely free. However, there are multiple entry/exit points for the area, including "the tunnel," which connects Sand Hollow State Park to the open OHV area. Any entry into the boundaries of Sand Hollow State Park requires a Utah State Park Pass.


When operating on Sand Mountain, users must attach an orange or red safety flag to the vehicle, rising at least 8 feet off the ground.