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Hero: Resurrection
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Traveling between Sliplock Gulch and West Fenceline Road, Resurrection is a 5-mile multi-section trail that provides a small taste of everything you can find within the Sand Mountain OHV area. The trail traverses two natural washes, climbs small, off-camber slickrock waterfalls, visits two bluffs with amazing views, pounds through soft sand, and provides an incredible look of the southwest desert flora.

Resurrection can easily be split into three separate sections with three separate difficulties. The first section, starting at Sliplock Gulch, lasts 0.55 miles and is the most challenging section as it snakes its way through a sandy-bottomed wash with several small slickrock obstacles. These obstacles will articulate your suspension and roll your center of gravity up to 25 degrees. One obstacle, named Skully's Pinch, will require you to traverse up a narrow, two-step cut in the slickrock while leaning to the passenger side, potentially causing rear corner damage. This first section climbs out of the wash as you pass an optional 10-foot waterfall climb and approach the first trail finger. This finger makes its way around Resurrection Rock with great views of Sand Hollow State Park and offers a few flexy holes and a poser rock to take photos. 35'' tires are recommended for long-wheelbase vehicles, while 33'' tires are suitable for short-wheelbase vehicles.

The second section starts on a plateau before dropping downhill and weaving through a second canyon known as Jacob's Draw. This canyon slowly increases elevation and traverses long slabs of slickrock that visually look like long slip-n-slides. Several steep ledges must be climbed, but all are smooth and gradual, making for great traction. This second section is much easier than the first and is suitable for any vehicle but may require prior driving experience or a spotter.

The third section begins as you pass West Fenceline Road and create a big "U" back to West Fenceline. This section is a simple sandy road with occasional protruding rocks, passing through rich flora where you will see many cacti and other desert plants. The trail then heads east to another trail finger around Tombstone Bluff, where you can see an old tombstone and explore a 4'x'4x25' cave cut into the mountainside. This last section is suitable for any high clearance vehicle.

About Sand Mountain

Sand Mountain is an extremely unique parcel of public land. Designated as an Open OHV Area, riders are free to make their own trails. Due to this, many of the long-established named trail routes have several variations that can take easier or more challenging routes through the intended trail. The GPX track for this trail helps you navigate the area, but various lines, bypasses, and additional obstacles may exist along the way. Riders are encouraged to stay on existing trails and not unnecessarily drive over or destroy vegetation.


Riding on Sand Mountain is entirely free. However, there are multiple entry/exit points for the area, including "the tunnel," which connects Sand Hollow State Park to the open OHV area. Any entry into the boundaries of Sand Hollow State Park requires a Utah State Park Pass.


When operating on Sand Mountain, users must attach an orange or red safety flag to the vehicle, rising at least 8 feet off the ground.