G. Martin

Mapping Crew - California

This wheeler is a California native. Born and raised in northern California and now living and wheeling in southern California. He enjoys exploring new trails and setting up camp in the remote outdoors. Always looking for new ideas on improving his outdoor "system", his Jeep is his main off-road tool, but he also incorporates ham radio, multiple mapping devices and a few other pieces of technology. You may come across him in the middle of the Mohave desert, the mountains of Big Bear or any other dirty, rocky road in the southwest. TrailsOffroad offers a focus point in his offroad exploration.

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My Builds


2017 Chevy Colorado ZR2. All stock.

Img 1391

1996 Geo tracker with 2.5" suspension lift, plus 1" body lift. Zuks Offroad rear bumper and tire carrier. Ham Radio; 2M/70cm/APRS

Img 1912

2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock with factory e-lockers, electronic sway bar disconnect, extended rock sliders, metal bumpers and 4:10 gearing. Upgrades; 4” Old Man Emu suspension lift kit, Fuel Anza wheels and 35” Toyo M/Ts, an AEV tire carrier and 10 gallon gas caddy, JBL Speaker LED headlights and an x20 winch by Smittybilt.

Recent Trip Reports

3N45 - Cajon Bypass 02-03-2018

I decided to take the long way home last night to check up on the Cajon Bypass. The trail is open and was pretty busy with train traffic last night. Construction work on the the south end, at Highway 138, is ongoing, but the trail is still open from end to end.

2N01 - Broom Flat 01-20-2018

An unplanned off-road adventure turned into a 'snow-to-desert' run from Big Bear to Johnson Valley. We started in Big Bear, on 2N01- Broom Flat where the snow was falling and visibility was poor. As we approached 2N02 - Burns Canyon the clouds cleared and the snow thinned. On to Motino Wash for some rock crawling where the snow faded and from there, we took Rattlesnake Canyon out to Johnson Valley and Jack Hammer. This was a great off-road trip with a variety of trails and a variety of weather in a single southern California winter day.

26E330 - Powder Hill 12-27-2017

Had a great time on this trail and explored a bit of the Lookout Rock trail. There is snow on Powder Hill, but very little. There are a few icy, slick spots on the Powder Hill climb, but it’s still doable and still fun!


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