Justin Daniels

Mapping Crew - Colorado

Justin is a lifelong learner with passions in many areas ranging from technology to music to the outdoors. Being a certified full cave diver, his search for adventure and exploration and knowledge fuels his drive to push his personal limits. Having lived in Colorado since 1997, it is surprising to some that he is new to off-roading. He drives a lightly built up 2012 FJ Cruiser and enjoys that his FJ can bring him to many of the places in the beautiful state of Colorado that he could not otherwise see.

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Justin daniels

Recent Trip Reports

Ballard Road 11-27-2016

There had been a little snow already, and we got more snow today. Trail is in great shape with a bit of snow after a few miles into the trail. I camped up there from Friday to Sunday, and only saw a single jeep the entire weekend.

Upper Jackson Creek Road 09-03-2016

Very busy. Being a holiday weekend, this trail was jam packed with ATVs and Campers. Lots of dust and traffic.

Dakan Road 09-03-2016

Not very busy, and a very pleasant day on the trail. Trail conditions were good, and there were still a number of camp sites open.


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