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Luke Myers

Mapping Crew - Washington

Luke is originally from rural Minnesota, after high school he joined the Army and traveled the world over his 20 year career. His final stop, and where he ended his military career was Washington state. He retired from the Army in 2011 and has been working as a Military Software systems consultant since that day. He has been into the off-road scene since he was 7 years old, when his dad bought him a 3-wheeler and he built his first race-track in the pasture. Since those days he has had motorcycles, quads, go-karts, mini-bikes, trucks, 4 different kinds of Jeeps and an AMC Eagle (station wagon). His current "toy" is a 2008 Jeep Wrangler; Luke and his family enjoy exploring the world through the windshield view of that Jeep. Luke loves taking new people out on trails and takes pride in getting a newbie through a trail that is definitely more than they ever thought they could handle. His favorite type of trail is one that takes all day to go 5 miles and never stops challenging the driver.

My Builds

Luke myers

Pictured here is my 2008 Jeep Wrangler X. It may look rough now, but rest assured every blemish on this machine has a memory. This Jeep started off it's life with me in the fall of 2011 as a chronic mall crawler, there was chrome everywhere! It had 20" wheels wearing AT shoes without a scuff anywhere to be seen. It had a hard top that had probably never come off, plus there was a set of aluminum side rails/steps, in chrome of course. As you can imagine there was ne'er a ding, dent or scratch to be found on it either. Fast forward to today, it now has Smittybuilt XRC bumpers, the rear has a tire carrier and an expedition rack for fuel cans and pioneer tools; the front carries the XRC 9500 winch, a Hi-Lift Jack and a set of 30 watt led spot lights. On it's 17" Ultra wheel alloy feet I have outfitted it with a set of 37x12.5" Federal Couragia shoes, they are E rated 10 ply MeaTs. I have installed a Teraflex 4" Flex-Arm lift kit for a 4 door, which gave me massive height; it ended up settling at 5.5" of overall lift from stock height. Currently running a Skyjacker dual steering dampener, and Rancho 7000 series shocks. I went with a Synergy adjustable front track bar and the Synergy rear track bar extension. It also has a Synergy track bar brace and sector shaft brace. I have replaced the stock front axle shafts with the thicker eared axle shafts that now come on the newest generation of Wranglers (12+), the rears are Revolution Chromoly 4340, housed in a Dana 44 with Yukon 5:13 gears. I upgraded the ball joints to Synergy HD Ball Joints and added a set of Alloy USA axle seals. Front axle is a trussed and gusseted Dana 30 with Yukon 5:13 gears, Poison Spider armored diff cover, Evo control arm skids, and a set of G2 chromoly axle shafts. I have added some underside protection items such as an engine and transmission skid by M.O.R.E. products and a set XRC rock rails. The drive shafts are now double cardan CV style Rough Country and have already been warrantied once. I have added a snorkel for piece of mind and I am using Bush Wacker flat fenders for extra clearance and flexibility. My off-road performance is enhanced with an Aussie locker in the rear, a Flex-a-Lite Transmission Cooler, HID headlights, LED taillights and the Jeep is tuned with a Superchips FlashPaq. I am able to keep in contact with everyone on the trail through the use of a Uniden PRO540E CB paired with a Firestick II antenna.

Recent Trip Reports

NF 7720 03-02-2018

Took advantage of the new fallen snow and decided to try running this trail at night. We met up in Wilkeson at 4pm and were on the road heading within a few minutes. We aired down our tires about 4 miles in, as the road was very well maintained, assuming that the logging trucks are in full swing operations, the road has been plowed and graded. At the turn off to make the first left, was where the snow started. It was just a light covering, making the tracks a bit slippery, but completely manageable in two wheel drive. After about a mile the snow started getting slightly deeper and 4wd became necessary. We got into the deep stuff about the time the sun set, ended up airing down into the single digits and were making good headway until the 3500ish level. That's when the temperatures were noticeably colder and the snow conditions became more powdery. We only made it to the last right turn which goes toward the lake, and decided our forward progress was just too slow, so we turned around and headed back down. Great night wheeling trip, got stuck a few times and had to use the chainsaw to clear a few fallen trees across the trail.

Walker Valley ORV - EZ Valley Connector 01-27-2018

Had a great time out at Walker, we were able to do all the trails in the system, little bit of snow on the upper trails and everything else was a sloppy mess!

NF 7720 01-07-2017

Got going fairly early to beat all the crowds (lucky thing, because on our way down it was a pretty steady stream of vehicles making their way up). We didn't really get into any deep uncut snow until around the 4000 foot level, most of the road was packed snow, somewhat icy, but not too bad. Our day was slowed down a bit by a full size Chevy truck with a couple of kids that had gotten stuck and ended up spending the night on the trail. (Never wheel ALONE) They were cold and tired and almost out of gas, but had cell service and were able to call for a rescue. We assisted the rescue operation and got them moving back down the mountain and made our way up again. A few miles past where they were stuck was where the deeper powder started. Because the temperatures have been so cold, the snow is not packed and since it so deep the only way to keep moving forward is to air down to single digits and float your tires. We did a lot of winching and digging during our last 500 feet of forward progress and decided to call it a day. With warmer temperatures expected this week, and the addition of more snow over the next few days, this trail will be a perfect snow-wheeling trail.


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