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Mike Austin

Mapping Crew - Arizona

I am a 4 wheeling enthusiast. My favorite type of wheeling would be Overlanding. I love to start in one town and end in another. Nothing beats cresting a ridge and there is only terrain for as far as you can see and that feeling of knowing your headed through there. I also love to test my vehicles limits and my abilities. It is also very important to me to be self sufficient and know my rigs weaknesses and be prepared for them. I drive it to the trails so I am cautious when wheeling and not heavy on the throttle. I'm am usually right in there if someone breaks as I love to solve problems and I'm handy with a wrench.

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Mike austin

Recent Trip Reports

Backway to Crown King, Arizona 04-29-2017

What a perfect day!! The sky and clouds were amazing looking. We had a larger group that moved along pretty good. Some of the options where tougher than normal but we had no issues. Lots of side by sides on the trail. Over 20 so keep an eye out. The water in the stream was little but still there. All in all a great day.

Rocker Panel Pass, Arizona 04-01-2017

This was my 1st trip through here oddly. I met up with some friends and didn't lock in the hubs and promptly hit quicksand and started to sink. Max locked them in so I didn't have to get my shoes wet. Thanks Max. There was a crazy deep hole we saw just a little too late. It was about 50" deep. It came over Max's hood. On our way out ( we went back out the way we came in) we ran across this guy on a motorcycle who had just drug his bike out of the same water hole. It was seized up so we hung out and helped him fix it to make sure he made it out. Was a great run.

Upper Terminator TV3 02-24-2017

We ended up running this trail at night so there is no pictures. The trail was pretty wet. All the rain has changed it a lot. It seamed pretty tame. All the deep dug out rocks have been filled in with sand. Lower was great so check that out too when you are there. The water crossing to get to the real was pretty deep. It went over a 37" tire on the flowing side.


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