Bradley & Rhea Mikkelson

Mapping Crew - Colorado

Bradley and Rhea are currently living in Fort Collins, Colorado with their two daughters, Riley and Dakota, and their dogs, Nyx and Cujo. Bradley was raised in Northern Colorado, while Rhea was raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Growing up in these environments, the mountains are where they like to spend their free time. Since meeting in July 2011, they have been fishing, camping, and wheeling together ever since. For the Mikkelson family, owning a Jeep is essential to the mountaineering lifestyle. They have two Jeeps, a built 1995 Jeep Cherokee and a bone-stock 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee. As members of their local 4wheel drive club, TrailsOffroad mapping crew, and avid nature lovers, the Mikkelson's strongly encourage responsible trail usage, and respect for our forests. Always stay the trail, pack out what you pack in, and enjoy the adventure!

My Builds

20160805 132405 hdr

Our 1995 Jeep Cherokee XJ, Patches; Rubicon Express 5.5 inch lift, Dana 30 front axle and Toyota 8 inch rear axle, 4.88 gears with ARB lockers front and back, TNT long arms, Bilstein 5150 shocks, 33x12.5 mud tires, American Racing 15 inch rims, Tom Woods custom drive shafts, Rubicon NP241 T-case, Novak t-case shifter cable, Manual ax15 transmission, Alcan leaf springs wth Y-Bone shackle, Rough Country shackle relocation bracket, Currie 1 ton steering and drag link kit, Durango steering gear box, JKS sway bar disconnects, JKS HD trackbar, JKS ACOS bump stops, custom tube style front bumper with SmittyBilt 8k winch. Powertank CO2 system, 2.5 inch Magna Flow exhaust system, full snorkel intake, triple core aluminum radiator, ES809 camshaft, 48" LED light bar. I'm sure there is more but it's hard to remember all of it.

I've done a complete rust restoration throughout the entire vehicle. Replaced all the floor pans, the majority of the bed and a section of rocker rail on the exterior. After all this, the Jeep was 100% rust free and rightfully earned the name Patches, which is now welded into the section of rocker that was replaced.

In the future I would like to install rear quarter panel armor, new 35" tires, and Bushwacker flat style fender flares.

Recent Trip Reports

Sevenmile Road 01-30-2017

Went to Sevenmile to complete a vehicle recovery. A 2015 Rubicon on 35's and 2015 stock wrangler were abandoned the prior day due to deep snow and failure of recovery gear. Recovery went well bringing all vehicles off the trail without damage. The majority of the trail is packed and icy. There are several large holes throughout the trail at the creek crossings making challenging obstacles. Then at roughly 4.0 miles in from the south entrance, the snow gets very deep, over 30", with an off camber slant that slides you off the main tracks. This is a very dangerous spot on the trail this year and lesser prepared to stock vehicles should turn around at the Poser Rocks from Waypoint 6.

Ballard Road 01-15-2017

Went to Ballard Road for the day with another member of the Fort Collins local 4x4 club, The Mountaineers. We made it back to waypoint 3 at the Donner Pass trail head and was halted by continuous deep snow drifts. It was fairly challenging breaking the trail up to this point but we made it passable with chains on all 4 tires and locked axles. Overall it was a great day!

Red Elephant Hill 06-20-2016

Ran this trail on Fathers day and had a blast! Very long steep climb to the top of the trail with tons of different routes over obstacles. Jeep got a little hot but no major issues. Overall a fun trail to run especially with all the different mine sites you can explore. Would recomend this trail to only modified vehicles and mildly experienced drivers. P.S. thats my xj in the way point pics.


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