Bobby Nelson

Mapping Crew - Arizona Crew Leader

My off-road adventures began early while growing up in southern Tennessee. I developed a passion for finding the next best trail and that passion continues to this day, in the beautiful state of Arizona. I love getting into the back country to explore the lesser known trails but I also enjoy getting out and playing in the rocks. My goal is to provide only accurate information to our users, for all the trails I write-up.

My Builds

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My current trail rig is a 2012 Jeep Wrangler 2 door. I bought it as a base X model and from day one it was being modded. I started with a Smitty Built 9000# winch on a Custom Stubby front bumper. I have since added a Body Armor rear bumper, XD wheels with 37" Goodyear MTRs. The flex and tire clearance comes from a Synergy Stage 3 lift with added 1 ton high steering. For when the trail requires a little extra traction, I replaced both stock axles with 2015 Rubicon D44's that are trussed, sleeved and gusseted up front for added insurance. I have tried to create an all-around wheeler by having on-board air, led rock lights, Solid diff covers, spill kits, custom racks, work table, complete tools, extra shafts, ball and u-joints, that I carry with on my many expedition type trips. This package works very well for the type of wheeling I do. My next logical steps are a welder, long-arm lift and coil-overs!

Recent Trip Reports

Log Corral Trail 03-17-2018

We lead two different groups over two days from Sunflower, AZ to Bartlett Lake and out through Log Corral. It was a beginner type run to help the newcomer gain experience from professional trail guides. The participants were shown different techniques and tips for traversing a wide range of terrain. Day one we got a KIA through, day two was a Isuzu Amigo and a Jeep Liberty. All successfully completed the route without issue. To join us at future events like this, check us out at The day one video can be viewed here:

Pyeatt Draw, Arizona 03-24-2018

I spent the weekend up in Payson exploring around with a couple different groups. We ran Pyeatt Draw on Saturday and Baby Doll to Crackerjack on Sunday. There are so many great trails to explore up there. I hope to be posted more of these trails to the website in the next few months. I have a bunch more videos of the area posted at:

Charouleau Gap / FR# 736 03-11-2018

One of my favorite trails in the Tucson area. It has everything, rock crawling, hill climbs, water crosssings and incredible scenery. The trail always has it's challenges but with careful spotting and the right line, you can get through everything. We enjoyed hiking into a couple canyons and found a couple vistas on some side trails.


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