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Ige Gustavson

Land Cruiser Specialist

Many in the Land Cruiser community may know me by my user name on the various forums, nuclearlemon. I am into all things Land Cruiser. It started in the 1980s when i was living in Illinois and was chatting with a local police officer and mentioned I had spent the day looking at Jeeps. He told me to go to his house the next day and schooled me in a 4x4 that would be far better at handling my abuse. A week later, I had a 1970 V8J40 cruiser. Since we women like accessorizing, I had to add a 78 FJ40 and a 69 FJ55 to go with. From there, it snowballed and I've since owned eight fj40s, four fj55s, and an fj60 in addition to my current stable of a 1962 fj40, two fj55s , an fj45 and two fzj80s.

I love getting out of Dodge (or Denver in my case). I'm just as comfortable wheeling Chinaman Gulch as I am a dirt road, as long as there's not a Starbucks or Applebees in sight. I'm also active in the Colorado Association of 4wd Clubs and am a lifetime member of Blue Ribbon Coalition and a Cohvco member because I believe we need to do all we can to keep our roads and trails open.

Most of my rigs are long term projects, so I mostly wheel my 1996 fzj80, with 315/75r16s, 4.88 gears with arb lockers and well decked out for the comfort trip with a Maggiolina roof top tent, Arb fridge, ham radio and rear drawers packed with gear. On the milder trails and warm summer days, I like to take out my bone stock 1962 FJ40 and see how far up in altitude my little one barrel carb and 27" tires will take me.

My Builds

Ige annie
Ige puff
Ige fat bastard

Recent Trip Reports

Bald Mountain 09-23-2017

Pre-ran the trail for an upcoming Colorado Association of 4WD Clubs event. The day started out nice, but turned stormy as we got up to the saddle. We did bypass the narrow section in the beginning to avoid pinstriping. While on the saddle, damp foggy day turned to grapple quickly and I had another commitment, so we exited via Killpecker Rd. We had decently setup Toyotas; one 4Runner on 33s and my Land Cruiser on 35s. We didn't use our lockers at all, but did have to use 4wd in a few of the rocky areas due to the rocks being wet. Fall color change has begun.

Calamity Mesa Loop 07-15-2017

Author and I went up to the New Verde Mine, temps were hot and it was dry. while walking around the mine, we were watching a storm roll of the uncompadre plateau and started down the trail. raindrops quickly turned into hard heavy rain, followed by hail. shelf road area was experiencing small rock slides. by the time we got through there, the trail itself was quickly falling apart. the last 6 miles or so, the road to 141 was completely wiped out and we drove the entire expanse in floodwaters. the road up to calamity camp from 141 will be closed for an extended amount of time and will take heavy equipment to rebuild

Twin Cone 06-16-2017

NSFR 126,Twin Cone, is permanently closed regardless of the position of the gate, from milepost 5.13 to the end at milepost 7.37. per forest special order PSICC-2016-01. This closure starts before the trail turns into a 4wd trail and well before the hill climb. This trail was closed as part of a lawsuit settlement with environmental groups on Feb. 8, 2016. Groups like Blue Ribbon Coalition and COHVCO need your money and volunteer time to keep our trails open


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