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Kyle Todd

Mapping Crew - Alaska

Kyle Todd is a self-declared 'wheeler' that has been into off-roading since getting his license at 16 and wheeling the family SUV (without his parents knowing about these adventures). He is currently going to school to finance his hobbies after graduating this spring with an Electrical Engineering degree. Most often he can be seen in south-central Alaska in the summer, although he recommends hibernating through most of the frigid Alaskan winters when not snow wheeling or huddled by a warm fire. He is a relatively new hunter and is looking forward to getting some small game, caribou, moose, and maybe even a grizzly in a few years. He has his ham technician license and is happy to communicate even when off the grid and when on the trail. His goal is to create an amazing resource for locals and travelers alike to enjoy the seemingly endless beauty Alaska has to offer while respecting the trails and keeping them open for years to come.

My Builds

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Kyle recently added a 2018 Toyota 4Runner TRD Offroad Premium to his family. This is his family rig that won't be rallied as hard as his solid axle swapped Toyota Tacoma he built specifically for wheeling, although on occasion you can find him mapping easier trails with it.

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Kyle's offroad rig is a '95 Toyota Tacoma that he solid axle swapped in his cramped garage in the summer of 2016. It is currently ARB Airlocked front and rear with Nitro 5.29 gears in the differentials and stock engine, transmission, and transfer case. The front axle is a Trail Gear Rock Assault custom Tacoma-width axle with chromoly shafts, 30 spline Longfields, 6 shooter knuckles, and a high pinion front differential. Kyle used the Trail Gear kit C to perform the swap and is pleased with the end result although he wants to tinker with it this coming summer to lower it an inch in the front and two inches in the rear to gain some stability back when off-camber. The sliders are from Brute Force Fab and the kick-outs have been especially useful when wheeling in tight trails between trees and rocks. He built a custom winch bumper for the front that houses his Smittybilt XRC Comp 9500 pound winch. For communications, he has a Baofeng handheld ham radio and a Cobra 75WXST. His tires are 37x12.5R17 Goodyear MTRs that work great in the various Alaska conditions he encounters.

Recent Trip Reports

Knik Glacier Trail 03-17-2018

Conditions were deteriorating quickly under the mid afternoon sun. A side by side had broken thru the ice and some of the trucks in our group got stuck a few times. Pretty slushy by the end of the day.

Craigie Creek Road 07-03-2017

The trail was in good shape and we even saw a brown bear on the way down. The rain made the trail a little too slick for a couple vehicles with highway tires but rigs with a rear locker or front and rear lockers had to issues going all the way to the end and hiking to the lake at Dogsled Pass.

Arctic Valley Road 01-01-2018

Most of the road was fine, no issues at all. At the top, there was a lot of ice buildup and overflow of water but it was still pretty easy to make it up.


  • Red Rock Canyon
    Paxson, Alaska
  • Butte, Alaska
  • Petersville Road
    Petersville, Alaska
  • Purches Creek Trail
    Willow, Alaska
  • Stampede Trail
    Healy, Alaska
  • Crown Point Mine Trail
    Moose Pass, Alaska
  • Fish Creek Trail
    Paxson, Alaska
  • Coal Mine Road
    Delta Junction, Alaska
  • Butte, Alaska
  • Clam Gulch
    Clam Gulch, Alaska
  • Hatcher Pass Road
    Willow, Alaska
  • Palmer Creek Road
    Hope, Alaska
  • Denali Highway
    Cantwell, Alaska
  • Dalton Highway
    Livengood, Alaska
  • Sutton-Alpine, Alaska
  • Hope Turnoff Trail
    Hope, Alaska
  • Willow, Alaska
  • Wasilla, Alaska
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Boulder Creek Trail / Purinton Creek Trail
    Glacier View, Alaska

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