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Kyle Todd

Mapping Crew - Alaska

Kyle Todd is a weekend wheeler that has been into off-roading since turning 16. He is currently going to school to finance his hobbies after graduation. Most often he can be seen in south-central Alaska in the summer, although he recommends hibernating through most of the frigid Alaskan winters when not snow wheeling or huddled by a warm fire. Although he calls himself a hunter, he has always come back empty-handed. He recently passed his ham technician license and is excited to learn all about ham and CB radio so he can communicate even when off the grid. His goal is to create a great resource for locals and travelers alike to enjoy the seemingly endless beauty Alaska has to offer while respecting the trails.

My Builds

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Kyle's main offroad rig is a '95 Toyota Tacoma that he solid axle swapped in his cramped garage in the summer of 2016. It serves him very well. It is currently ARB airlocked front and rear with 5.29 gears in the differentials and stock drivetrain.

Kyle's second Toyota is a 1973 FJ40 that will need tons of work. He got it the summer of 2017 with the stock motor seized solid. Rust is taking its tole and Kyle hopes to be able to prolong its life and get some enjoyment out of the iconic 4x4 and hopefully pass it down the family. It will be a labor of love that will last several years at least.

Recent Trip Reports

Craigie Creek Road 08-24-2014

This was only my second time on the trail, had a great time and the trail was in good condition. Really cool to check out the mines in the valley, I was surprised to see open mine shafts! Close to Anchorage, Alaska but even closer to Wasilla and Palmer I will have to go back and check this one out more often.

Craigie Creek Road 09-24-2014

I was able to make it all the way to Waypoint 6 with my stock Tacoma on 31" BFG KO tires. Was a lot of fun and the trail was in good shape for how late in the year it was.

Bald Mountain B29 Trail 05-26-2017

The trail was very wet and sloppy, several rigs got stuck before Waypoint 2 along where the new fence is bordering private property.


  • Red Rock Canyon
    Paxson, Alaska
  • Butte, Alaska
  • Petersville Road
    Petersville, Alaska
  • Purches Creek Trail
    Willow, Alaska
  • Stampede Trail
    Healy, Alaska
  • Crown Point Mine Trail
    Moose Pass, Alaska
  • Fish Creek Trail
    Paxson, Alaska
  • Coal Mine Road
    Delta Junction, Alaska
  • Clam Gulch
    Clam Gulch, Alaska
  • Hatcher Pass Road
    Willow, Alaska
  • Palmer Creek Road
    Hope, Alaska
  • Denali Highway
    Cantwell, Alaska
  • Dalton Highway
    Livengood, Alaska
  • Hope Turnoff Trail
    Hope, Alaska
  • Butte, Alaska
  • Willow, Alaska
  • Arctic Valley Road
    Anchorage, Alaska
  • Wasilla, Alaska
  • Sutton-Alpine, Alaska

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