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Brent Colasurdo

Mapping Crew - California

Brent's passion for outdoor adventures began with backpacking and mountain climbing while growing up in Portland, Oregon. Eventually, he realized that it was easier to drive the trails than walk them, and Brent's love of off-roading was born. Brent is now an (adopted) native of California. He can be found sullying the leather upholstery of his 2013 Range Rover Sport throughout the deserts and mountains of Southern California.

My Builds

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2013 Range Rover Sport

Recent Trip Reports

Diablo Drop Off 02-04-2017

We had a great ride down Arroyo Seco del Diablo trail and over Diablo Drop Off. Heavy rains in the last few months have returned Diablo Drop Off to some of its former glory. The beginning of the first drop is the roughest -- it has a steep decline and unavoidable off-camber ruts/holes that may test the limits of your suspension and approach/departure angles (unfortunately, I didn't get good pics of the top portion). When I was there a couple of dirt bikes were struggling to make it up the drop. As the trail description here explains, the trail can change drastically from trip to trip, so use caution. A few minutes down the trail there is a tight spot that I barely squeezed through with help from a spotter and a bit of back and forth.


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