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Bill Andrews

Mapping Crew - Colorado

Bill is an off-road enthusiast with nearly 30 years of 'wheeling experience. At one time he had a streak of about 20 years of 4-wheeling at least once a month. He likes anything from easy, dirt roads to difficult trails but stops short of extreme. Over the years he has traveled over 700 different trails, mostly in Colorado and Utah. He loves finding and exploring new areas and sharing his knowledge with others. He has been the coordinator of Calvary 4-Wheelers for many years.

My Builds


1996 Jeep Cherokee XJ, 6" lift, 31" BFG mud terrains, front d30 with TruTrac and 4.10 gears, rear d44 with ARB and 4.10 gears, RE heavy-duty trac bar, Dodge Durango steering box, steering box brace (I don't remember the brand), older Tomkin bumpers front and rear, rocker sliders, gas tank skid plate, sway bar removed, ViAir compressor, Uniden CB and Wouxun 2m ham radio.

In the works: Cross-over steering conversion, major fender trimming and TJ flares.

Recent Trip Reports

Sevenmile Road 11-04-2017

Calvary 4-Wheelers ran Sevenmile Road on Saturday, November 4, 2017. We had two rigs along for the trip Bill in his fenderless, dark green Cherokee and Karen in her bright red JK. The weather was cloudy and cold with light rain and/or snow throughout the day. The trail was somewhat wet but not enough to effect travel. We did encounter a large fallen tree blocking the trail on the Stump Hill spur a little before reaching the gate. We finished the trail a little past noon. At the northern trailhead, we ate lunch in our vehicles, due to the rain and snow. After lunch we explored many of the spurs and loops off of Forest Service Road 171.

Miners Gulch 10-21-2017

We ran Miners Gulch on October 21, 2017. We originally planned to run it from Mosquito Creek to Yankee Hill but a fallen tree on Mosquito Creek altered our plans. The day was cold and windy with frequent, light snow flurries. There was about an inch of accumulation with anything from bare ground to six-inch drifts on the trail. After we made our way around to the Yankee Hill side, we started down the rocky trail. By taking it slowly and cautiously, we were able to make it down to the junction with 175.3C where we stopped for lunch at the large, flat parking area. Because of the cold and windy conditions we opted to eat in our vehicles. After launch we continued down to more difficult part of the trail. The snow and cold made the rocks slick and treacherous and it got icy along the sections where the small creek runs in the trail. By going very slowly and with careful spotting we were able to get down to Mosquito Creek with only a few very minor bumps and scrapes. In retrospect, it was good had come down instead of going up like we had originally planned. In the slick conditions it would have been a major struggle to get the stock rigs in our group up the rough obstacles in the lower part of the trail.

Mosquito Creek Road 10-21-2017

We ran Mosquito Creek on October 21, 2017. It was cold and quite windy with frequent, light snow flurries. There was about an inch of accumulation with conditions on the trail being bare ground to occasional drifts up to about six inches. We started from the Elk Park Road trailhead with intention of connecting to Miners Gulch. We were unable to complete the connection due to a large, fallen tree blocking the road just past (south of) Waypoint 3. We did not have chainsaws and cutting through the large tree would have taken hours with the hand saw and axes we had so we turned around. We took the long way around to the other end of Miners Gulch and ran it the opposite direct from what we had planned. After completing Miners Gulch we took the bottom part of Mosquito Creek out to Apex Valley Road without incident.


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