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Recent Trip Reports

Berdoo Canyon 02-24-2018

Fun trail, no problem for lifted FJ cruiser on 33’s. Bypasses for just about everything except the waterfall at the end before you get to the top of the canyon. The closer you get to geology tour rd the better the views get. Made the mistake of driving through the park to south entrance just to go around to trailhead. Should have just taken the trail backwards then forward. The people shooting near the trailhead were sketchy and one guy shooting almost towards the trail.

FS152 - Dry Creek Road 10-16-2017

We did this trail in an FJ cruiser to hike Devils Bridge and visit Van Deren Cabin. The trail is shared by hikers which gets you funny looks but there’s plenty of pink Jeeps roaming around as well. Majority of the trail is easy enough for a stock vehicle with clearance and the trail to the cabin is a bit more fun.


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