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Marc Nitz

Mapping Crew - California

Marc Nitz is a southern California native who loves exploring the outdoors. This is in large part due to his parents' love of summer road trips. Each summer the Nitz clan would venture out for at least one week driving and camping to assorted U.S. destinations west of the Rocky Mountains. Marc bought his first 4x4 at 17 years old and began seeking out more places off the beaten path. Now 30 years later, Marc explores the countryside with a family of his own. Some of Marc's favorite trails include Titus Canyon and the Pleasant Canyon Loop Trail in Death Valley, the White Rim Trail in Utah, John's Canyon near Mexican Hat, Sidewinder Trail in Corral Canyon, and the Lockwood Creek Trail near Frazier Park, CA. Most of all, Marc enjoys meeting fellow off-roaders and he is affiliated with a few 4X4 clubs in Southern California that has allowed him to do just that.

My Builds


Marc's 2014 Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition is mostly stock with the exception of Demello rock sliders, RCI steel skid plate, Billstein shocks front and rear (5100/5160) with 2.5" lift, Yakima Load Warrior roof rack, and a Dometic fridge/freezer for ice cream on the trail.

Recent Trip Reports

Red Cloud Mine - Orocopia Mountains 03-24-2018

We did an overlanding trip last weekend and spent the night at the Red Cloud Mill. We quickly set up camp and then headed further into the canyon where your photos are dark. We found the Red Cloud Mine and the Figueroa gravesites.

SR2013 - Red Canyon Trail 03-25-2018

I visited a portion of Red Canyon on a trip last weekend. At your Waypoint 7, the trail that descends south from the road is not closed nor is it marked closed. The road apparently connects to Pinnacle Canyon which is west of Red Canyon. We took the trail which quickly led to some more difficult terrain. If it would have been a Saturday we would have pushed forward, but as it was Sunday afternoon, we decided to turn around and head back to Red Canyon Road. We pushed onward in a south direction and headed west on the trail marked Waypoint 11 on your GPX track and that trail was not closed either. There is a gate but it is not blocking the trail and so we went down the trail. The trail steeply drops into Red Canyon and the drop-in is deeply rutted causing some rock slider rubbing. Unfortunately, the trail was blocked by a drop off in the southern direction. We turned around and headed back north in the canyon, past the drop-in, and the northern end was blocked by large red boulders. Therefore, we had to climb back up through the rutted trail back to Red Canyon Road. All in all, it was a fun exploration of the area. Thanks for the write-up! As noted by the previous trip reporter, the Red Canyon Road itself is filled with numerous moguls or Whoop-ti-doos which made for slow going.

Harry Wade Road - Death Valley National Park 02-25-2018

Thanks for the write-up! I took this great shortcut on my trip to Warm Springs Road during February 2018. I prefer to go this route instead of going through Shoshone. There was actually water during this time at the Amargosa River crossing, but only about 6" deep. I also did not need to air down and was able to cruise at about 50 mph the entire length. 50 mph seems to be the magic number to smooth out the stutter bumps.


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