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Jen & JD Marshall

Mapping Crew - Colorado

A Wedding Invite Queen and Cable TV Systems Engineer by day, Jeep fanatics by night... alright, the Jeep thing never really stops even during work hours...

We moved to Colorado from Chicago in May of 2015 thanks to a new job and brought with us a 2001 stock Jeep Wrangler that had been garage bound for two years. We had it climbing a mountain a day after it got here, all rusty 170,000 miles of it shaking on the way up. After our first run, we truly understood why we'd always been drawn to Jeeps and nature. That red Jeep has had some upgrades as you can see below. The yellow Jeep was added to the family in 2016 trough some unlikely circumstances.

While we loved Chicago, Colorado has welcomed us with a warm hug like we were meant to be here. We spend the week paying the bills and when the weekend hits, we're hitting the trail. When Sunday night rolls around, the question turns to, 'so what's next week?!'.

We're still new to Colorado and as much free time in the backcountry as we can. People looking for a good weekend of mud and altitude, find the Red TJ and the Yellow JK at the gas station and follow us, we're off to map trails!

My Builds

2016 03 14 20.36.45

Name: LeeLoo 2001 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4.0 Liter Auto 4 Inch Teraflex Lift 33in M/T Tires Posion Spyder Front Fenders & Brawler Bumper Hardrock 4x4 Rear Bumper & Tire Carrier 9500lb Winch

2016 05 16 16.02.28

2015 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2.5 in AVE lift and 32' BFG'S, just a CB so far.

Recent Trip Reports

Yankee Boy Basin 04-18-2018

The county announced today that Yankee Boy Basin is open all the way through. Plow crews have been working there all week and cleared it today. This is <b>weather pending</b> and can change if there is a storm.

Porcupine Rim 03-10-2018

Ran Porcupine Rim to do the first mapping of it. The weather started a little grey but by noon the sun was shining and it made for a gorgeous day mapping. The overlook at Waypoint 5 was amazing to see and we spent some time there taking it all in. It's a long way down, don't get too close to the edge. It looked like a painting sprawled out in front of us. This trail really beats you up and you should be prepared for a long day and lots and lots of bumps.

Long Hollow Road 04-12-2018

All trails in the Rampart Range area have been opened for the season per an announcement from the Forest Service. The season's light snow has allowed for a short mud season and they have opened things early.


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