Jim Long

Mapping Crew - Arizona

I moved to Arizona in 1984, and bought my first offroad vehicle the next year. I had lots of adventures, seeking out the Old West on paper topo maps in my Toyota FJ40 and can say fortunately, that I never had to walk home. In 2005 I saw the prototype for the FJ cruiser, and in the middle of my FJ40 resto project, someone came into my garage with cash and bought it out from under me. (Some regrets) In 2008, I flew out to LA to pick up my FJ Cruiser, special ordered with the Offroad Package (Locker) and MT6. My area of operations has been Southern Arizona, from the New Mexico, to California borders.

I have been an active member of AZFJ.org where I'm the top post contributor, and have many trail reviews posted there that I plan on enhancing, revisiting and documenting for this authoritative source. I have a login to Ih8Mud and fjcruiserforums but don't lurk there very much.

in my career, I've had the pleasure of traveling in Canada, the Caribbean, and Austrailia but never had the opportunity to wheel there. (bucket list). But, I hope my 30 years of Southern Arizona discovery, teaching and leading people into the backcountry will finally benefit a wider audience here on Trailsoffroad. There's nothing I enjoy more than finding a historic site, a little-used trail that had significance or the opportunity to take that one photo that defines what we do. (I stink but I'm willing to learn).

Oh..Added benefit...I'm the GIS analyst for a fire dept and as such have some skills in ARCGIS.

My Builds


My rig is "The Precious", more than an obsession but less than an obligation. We have had many adventures together. Successor to my 1978 FJ40 (Also mustard yellow) that I had for 25 years.
Added so much in mods it will be hard (And boring) to list them all here but suffice it to say, the Icon Stage 2, Sonoran Steel Links, All Pro Offroad Skids & front bumper, Expedition 1 rear have made the precious tough enough to tackle most trails.

Recent Trip Reports

Valley of the Gods 08-19-2017

On the way to Wyoming to see the 2017 Great American Eclipse, we traveled through Valley of the Gods. The road was surprisingly smooth and easy to navigate. The rock formations were nearly as breathtaking as Monument Valley. The difference was, there was no one out there. It seemed pristine, unspoiled and wild. Mexican hat, though not in the valley itself, is certainly a noteworthy thing to stop and see between the town of Mexican Hat and the entrance to Valley of the Gods. 37°10'38.4"N 109°51'12.0"W There were a variety of named formations that made the visit even more interesting Setting Hen Butte, Rooster Butte , Battleship Rock and nearby Battleship camp Lat: 37.29239 Lon: -109.81730 Elevation: 4734 ft West Lime Creek with Creek camp Lat: 37.30002 Lon: -109.83535 Elevation: 4757 ft Castle Butte De Gaulle and his Soldiers Rudolf and Santa Claus We dumped out of the dirt road onto the Moki Dugway, which is a series of switchbacks and tunnels leading up to the plateau. We were out of time and didn't drive up the Dugway because after all, in two days, we needed to be in position for the eclipse.

Box Canyon - Florence, Arizona 02-25-2018

We did a run through the canyon with AZFJ on Sunday. The boulders get higher out of the sand every time I do this run. Almost didn't make it up the waterfall (Our FJ40 friend had street tires and had to be strapped) but after repositioning, and better tire placement, my rig, (the yellow FJ) made it unaided. A 4x4 experience to be sure, but all in all still a wonderful, showpiece trail for Arizona. I expected to see some water in the bottom, but alas, dry as dehydrated food down there. This trip was combined with an outing to the Renaissance Festival, hence the dragon on the A-pillar. Note the poor cow with all her babies in the wash. The poor old girl put her head in some very prickly cholla.

Martinez Canyon Road Arizona 11-11-2017

This is a challenging trail if run from east to west. We took the "tree tunnel" near Cochran which was very overgrown an difficult to get through. My high-lift jack snagged a branch and bent! I was not able to easily get through the trail end obstacle (which for us was trail start) because my bushwhacker fender flares caught on the wall, damaging my fender and driver's door. This is a very serious obstacle now and likely will always require spotting. Climbing out up and down the ridgelines definitely required some skill. Can't wait (Once the trees are trimmed back) to try it again!


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