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Douglas Van Bossuyt

Mapping Crew - Oregon

Douglas grew up riding in the back of pickups in Oregon and California. He comes from a long line of overlanders and adventurers dating back to the Mayflower and the Oregon Trail. During a stint working in Colorado, Douglas fell in love with the offroad scene and immediately gravitated toward the Toyota crowd. His first 4x4 was a 1988 Toyota 4runner nicknamed Goldilocks. After a year of running many of the iconic trails throughout the front range in the fully stock Goldilocks running on bald tires, it was time for an upgrade. Goldilocks went off to a new home and the Albino Rhino came home. The Albino Rhino is a built 1986 Toyota 4runner ready for any adventure anywhere at any time.

During the week, Douglas is a partner and automation engineer at KTM Research, LLC. The company specializes in machine vision for automation systems. Douglas also enjoys backpacking -- especially in the central Sierras in California -- scuba diving along the Oregon coast, and riding his motorcycle on back roads through the farm country of the Willamette Valley. Most weeknights you can find Douglas under his truck in the driveway performing maintenance or fixing the latest trail damage.

My Builds

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The Albino Rhino is a 1986 Toyota 4runner with a lot of modifications. SASed, 35" tires, 5.29:1 gears and ARB lockers front and rear, full floater rear axle conversion, dual transfer cases with 4.7:1 Marlin Crawler gears in the rear t-case and twin sticks for divorced 4x4 and hi-lo selection. The truck is still powered by the original 22RE engine that just keeps on running. Custom front and rear bumpers were built with the help of friends in Colorado including an awesome rear swing-out and a front winch setup. Sliders and skid plates keep the truck in one piece when bashing rocks or grinding around stumps.

There are enough lights on the Albino Rhino to light up the forest at night and be seen in downtown Denver when sitting on the top of Yankee Hill. A 175 amp alternator keeps it all powered. The truck has 2M and CB radios to keep in contact on the trail and there is always a satellite transponder aboard to summon help in the event of a serious incident.

My truck's Instagram is: https://www.instagram.com/albinorhino4x4/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/albinorhino4x4/

Website: https://www.albinorhino.com/

Recent Trip Reports

University Firepower Part 2 / Tillamook State Forest 11-24-2017

Good run over the trail last Friday. No change in condition since the last time we were over it. It's muddy and rocky and fun.

Cedar Tree / Tillamook State Forest 11-24-2017

It was a fun, wet, and muddy time on Cedar Tree last Friday. Someone cut out a tree that fell down into the road near Waypoint 4. With all of the wind we'll be getting this winter, it's not a bad idea to carry a saw and be ready to cut your way through trails, especially if you're running a trail during the week.

Waldo's Way / Tillamook State Forest 11-19-2017

We did Waldo's Way on our way out of TSF after a fun afternoon of wheeling over on Bates Road, Hoodraiser, and 7 Up. The trail was slick in a few spots but no problem for my buddy in his Jeep Cherokee on almost bald 31" tires and with open diffs. We had some great views over the mountains to the south toward the Willamette Valley and the Cascades.


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