Tracy Barker

Mapping Crew - Colorado

Tracy is an outdoor enthusiast originally from north Alabama. Tracy's family moved to central Utah when he was a child, and subsequently to southern Utah. These family moves established a precedent, of sorts, as Tracy has lived in numerous states over the past three decades. Tracy is determined now, however, to settle down in Colorado Springs.

His favorite activities are family trail rides and camping with small groups. This, too, is a precedent started many years ago in dad's pickup truck, followed by Tracy's first 4x4 acquisition, a 1975 Ford Bronco.

Tracy aspires to climb some of Colorado's venerable 14'ers while traveling some of the notable and not-so-well-known 4x4 trails in the Centennial State. He's excited about contributing to Trails Offroad because the site and fellow contributors are committed to meet a critical 4-wheel drive enthusiast requirement--current and accurate trail data.

My Builds

94 fzj80 colorado imogene pass 2012

1994 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ80 285k miles on the 1FZFE inline six cylinder, four-speed automatic, and manual dual-range transfer case. OME 2" lift springs, ARB bumper with 8k winch, custom sliders and rear bumper. Camping Lab rooftop tent.

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1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 4.2l inline six cylinder carbureted 2F H42 4-speed manual transmission wheels and tires: 235/85/16 MT's on American Racing wheels other: 2" OME suspension lift, Trail Gear sliders, custom front / rear bumpers, 9k winch, Camping Labs rooftop tent

100 6110

1988 Isuzu Trooper II 4ZE1 2.6L fuel-injected 4-cylinder, MUA5 five-speed manual transmission, and manual dual-range transfer case. 4.56:1 ring and pinion in OE Isuzu 10-bolt front (IFS) and Isuzu 12-bolt rear axles. Aisin manual locking hubs.

This is a somewhat rare "transition" model between the early and later first generation Isuzu Troopers. It is the long wheelbase, 2-door model, but has the EFI engine (versus the earlier carbureted 4ZD1, 2.3L), the dual-A-arm IFS, and the heavier-duty (larger ring/pinion gear) rear axle.

My 17-year old son, TJ, is the primary operator. We named the truck "Deja Blue" due to the fact that I originally bought this truck used in 1994, and my wife, Lisa, drove it daily through 1999 when TJ was born. The 2-door configuration made life difficult with a child seat, so we sold it to my brother-in-law, who used it as a "bad weather drive to work truck" and "gone fishing" rig.

My two nieces and nephew all learned to drive in this truck. Of course, they all chose to move on to something more "cool" in their opinions, so the Trooper sat unused for a few years. After visiting my sister's family for Thanksgiving in 2014, TJ (then age 15) expressed interest in the Trooper as his first vehicle. By Thanksgiving, 2015, TJ and I were planning the necessary repairs and maintenance to make it drivable.

When I told my sister of TJ's interest and asked if they would sell it to him, she replied "yes, just come take it away!" So we spent many hours of Thanksgiving weekend replacing the fuel pump, clutch master cylinder, vacuum hoses, and other miscellaneous items plus all the requisite fluids and brake/suspension/steering/electrical checks. At the end of the weekend we drove it 300+ miles home to Kansas City.

Recent Trip Reports

Bill Moore Lake 07-08-2017

Drove Bill Moore Lake along with Red Elephant Hill and Mill Creek as part of a full-day loop. Our group was the Meetup group from Denver. Wider and more open than either Red Elephant Hill or Mill Creek, Bill Moore Lake was the most pleasurable segment of the trek. There is still snow at the highest elevations, but none obstructing the road. Arriving at the lake was the highlight of the day.

Mill Creek 07-08-2017

Drove Mill Creek as part of the Red Elephant Hill, Mill Creek, Bill Moore Lake loop in the Empire, Colorado area with the Meetup group out of Denver. We had a great trip, and the water crossings on Mill Creek were a highlight. This is some of the most gorgeous mountain scenery--Pure Colorado! Mill Creek is not a difficult road, but it requires your full attention; there are several off-camber segments, shelves, and narrow spots between the trees. Let me reiterate--narrow spots between the trees!

Red Elephant Hill 07-08-2017

I ran Red Elephant Hill to Mill Creek, to Bill Moore Lake with the Meetup group out of Denver. This is a rocky, steep, and narrow road in many segments, so bring your low-range and sliders! Line selection through the tougher spots will save your body panels. I made a mistake in one instance and got some rock rash. Overall, Red Elephant Hill merits the "6" difficulty rating, but the views and access to other trails in the Empire area make it so worthwhile!


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