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Bonney Butte Road (08/13/2022)
Closed for raptor migration. We parked across and walked up less than a mile to the top. The views are great.
Bennett Pass Road (08/13/2022)
Took my stock Tacoma up only to waypoint 9 and didn’t have a problem. Some areas seem sketch while driving on the side of a drop off but the views were amazing. Was looking for camp spots and there’s plenty but not much for big groups. I can’t imagine how people do it when there’s snow.
Bonney Meadows Road (08/13/2022)
Did bennett pass first then drove south through Bonney meadows. No crazy views but was a good trail to test out my stock Tacoma. Did it pretty easily and gained some confidence off roading. Plenty of camp spots all throughout and stayed at one near the end of the trail. Stock Subaru Forester also followed and they had no issues while taking it slow.
Deer Pen (07/29/2022)
Fun short trail to try out some off roading. Took my stock 3rd gen Tacoma on 32s up this trail and it was mostly easy as a beginner. At the end like others mentioned it was pretty difficult finding a line that wouldn’t hit my side steps but I ended up smashing one up on a rock which I wasn’t too worried about. 1 other tacoma with a lift and 32s did the last part pretty easily with some spotting and another with a 3 inch lift and 33s had no trouble at all. Time to buy some rock sliders and try out the other trails here