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  • 2018 Toyota Tacoma (2" lift, 32" tires)

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2018 Toyota Tacoma

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 32"
2" Level kit TRD Offroad with 32" Cooper ST Maxx tires.

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Mount Princeton (07/05/2022)
Ran the trail this morning to the top in my Tacoma TRD Offroad with stock suspension and 32” ST Maxx’s. Everything was going great until we encountered a boulder between waypoints 6 and 7 that put us at 20 degrees of roll towards the cliff. My wife opted to get out and walk the rest and film me driving solo. That one boulder was really the only tough part of the trail just because the consequences of tipping would’ve been fatal. Definitely wouldn’t want to navigate that in wet conditions. There was not enough room to dodge the boulder on the cliff side and I didn’t have the clearance to straddle it. So I had no choice but to take it directly under my tires. After reaching the top, we went back to waypoint 6, parked, and climbed Mt Princeton. Great morning on the trails!
Mosquito Pass (07/03/2022)
Went up to the pass from Leadville in my Tacoma TRD OR on 32’s and stock suspension. Near the summit, a dude in a beefy 4Runner told me he came up the Alma side and had to get winched through a snowfield. We decided to turn back and go explore the Prospector Mountain trails, which were absolutely awesome and I would rate as a 3 in terms of difficulty. Awesome day on the trails.
Slide Lake (07/02/2022)
Took my wife and kids up to Slide Lake today in my mostly stock 2018 Tacoma TRD OR. Have good AT/MT tires because it’s pretty muddy in the meadows. Rock gardens don’t really require careful tire placement due to the fact that everyone just got thrashed around regardless of the line I chose. Went up in beautiful weather, fished for 2 hours, came down in an afternoon thunderstorm. Great day!