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  • 2022 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (Stock lift, 33" tires)

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2022 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 33"

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Poison Spider Mesa (10/22/2022)
Second time in Moab and hunting more badges! Ran Poison Spider with a local who was so helpful, awesome when you meet other great folks. Other than 3489756439857 mile an hour winds and being covered in sand afterwards, the trail was AWESOME! Completed it with no major damage in a stock JLUR. A little scraping going up. I got a little stuck on the unnamed obstacle but was able to maneuver around, choose a slightly different line and with a little bump and both lockers, able to make it up. A LOT of scraping on the way down. Nothing leaking, tow hook is nice and scraped up, some scratches underneath on metal but overall good to go! I think some heavy duty skids are in my future along with a lift.
Johnny Park Road (07/17/2022)
Fun easy trail. Done in a stock JLUR. Took longer than assumed by this site, but, I drive a lot slower than most. A lot of really nice disbursed camp spots on this trail. I'm looking forward to doing it again and camping. Some spots with great views, never get tired of looking at mountains. I love the fresh mountain air too!
Miller Rock (06/18/2022)
Great trail, I loved it! Beautiful scenery and a fun ride. Obstacle 10 was brutal. Everything else no problem. I would disagree with someone below who said going up was harder than down. I took the bypass in my '22 JLUR stock (with bumpers and a winch) and ended up starting to slide down into the ravine. Luckily, we had a JT with a winch who anchored me from above while I ran my line up the hill and got my tree saver around a tree. He gave a little slack while I pulled up, all while watching my poor Jeep slide a little bit down when he let some slack out. Able to get it up over the log there and the JT lifted on 37s and Tacoma decided to turn back. I couldn't turn around and wasn't about to back up the obstacle or around the bypass. We didn't read this review before going out and were under the impression that this path would take us to a road. I'm glad the water crossing was high and flowing FAST making me change my mind. I found out later it was up over the top of the wheels of a lifted JKUR on 37s. I radioed up and asked them to wait, I'm coming back and will need a spot. Crawled right up the obstacle no problem, up is always easier than down I think. I'm glad we didn't spend the time and effort bringing the JT and stock Tacoma TRDOR down through waypoint 10 because it would have been very disheartening to then try to go back up. Waypoint 10 was definitely the most difficult, even the bypass was rough because of all the loose eroding dirt sucking me down to certain death.
Rainbow Road (05/14/2022)
The trail was impassible for us without a winch. There is one spot where you have to go slightly up hill and over a creek with a very slight right and the snow and ice was up past my knees. I made two attempts at it and couldn't get out of the vehicle wheel ruts and my diffs were getting stuck on the ice shelf between the wheels. I had to get pulled back both times. My buddy in his 392 XR locked front and rear made a go at it and got slightly further than I did (I cleared the way for him! :D) but also got stuck. I walked the trail a bit to see if we should try to continue and this looked like the worst of it. With a winch, we would have gotten the extra 2 feet we needed to pass this ice blockage. My little 2.0 pulled out the 392 and we turned around. I should have made a video of the little 2.0 pulling out the 392. ;) I'm willing to bet that by next weekend, it will have melted a bit more and this section easily passible.
Yankee Hill - The Actual Hill (05/14/2022)
Definitely not impassible. Almost no snow or ice, except for in the shade and not even covering the whole trail in those spots. Seems like it's been a very dry year which is a bit scary. Very difficult hill climb for me, wife made easy work of it in the stock JLUR, crawled right up. I ran up the hill, with my legs.... I was still coughing a day after. Dog seemed fine running up it though. She did cut one of her nails on a rock but she survived. I wouldn't call this moderate considering the more difficult ride TO the hill. I don't know if my old lifted Subaru would have been able to do it, ground clearance not an issue but it is a little steep and without a low transfer case, it might have struggled. All in all, it was a fun run and a beautiful day!
Loch Lomond (05/14/2022)
The trail is definitely impassible because there is a locked gate. The sign says it opens on June 1. No snow up to the gate though, very dry.