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  • 2019 Chevrolet Colorado (2" lift, 31" tires)

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2019 Chevrolet Colorado

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 31"
Skid plates, recovery gear, onboard air, off-road lights, rear lockers, GMRS radio built-in system

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7S02 Santa Rosa (09/18/2022)
Beautiful views! Easy trail for everyone. I did it in my 4WD colorado, a few rocks scraped along the skids but only because I didn't take the time to kick them off the trail. My friend also did fine in his 2WD stock Tacoma. Some great opportunities for a choice of a more difficult line to take, but anyone can make it up this trail. Great viewing spots. I'll be back to camp! Weirdly a lot of mosquitoes. It gets chilly at night too. It was in the high 70s during the evening and quickly dropped into the low 50s an hour after sunset. Elevation gain is a lot but gorgeous at sunset. A somewhat busy trail on a Sunday evening so be careful coming around corners and be mindful when stopped in the middle of the trail not to block others.
6S13 - Thomas Mountain (09/18/2022)
Temporary closure due to Fairview fire. See photos for more info. Cal Fire fireman said could be open by Sept 28, signs say Oct 2. Lots of Cal Fire activity and most of the trails in this area are closed as of now. Hopefully will be open soon! Id wait to visit until mid-October, sounds like it should definitely be open again by then!
5S15 - Rouse Hill (09/18/2022)
Looks beautiful! But it's closed due to the Fairview fire. I found a map on the Thomas trail about 30 min east of the closures that shows it should be open by early October. Ran into a Cal Fire Fireman who told me maybe as early as Sept 28.
5S01 - Indian Truck Trail (09/18/2022)
The trail is closed, not sure why. Hopefully will be reopened soon!
Blair Valley (08/28/2022)
Great easy trail! Some spots where clearance helps, great camp spots too. Really easy.
Diablo Drop Off (08/28/2022)
Cool spot to try to get out to via Fish Creek. Definitely, no going up this. Very deep sand on almost a complete cliff face. I dug in very fast. I can't imagine anything getting up this. Be careful not to get stuck in the deep sand! Definitely need 4WD to do this part, preferably 4WD low. Really cool tight canyons leading up to the drop off. Some rocks to crawl over. Definitely need plenty of ground clearance. My friend in a 2WD Tacoma couldn't cut it. Also NEED to have underbody protection. One part of this trail is a narrow pass with sharp rocks. Destroyed the stock plastic skids, lower control arms, front of the frame, and oil pan on my friend's Tahoe. A lot of ground clearance and skids are a must for this section.
Lusardi Truck Trail (08/25/2022)
Nice, easy trail. Stock 2WD tacoma did just fine.
Jasper Trail (08/23/2022)
Very fun and nice trail. I have a 2WD stock tacoma and didn’t have any issues. Note: I did only run this the downhill section, not uphill.
Anza Borrego Metal Sculptures (08/20/2022)
Very easy. 2WD truck can do this easily.
Arroyo Tapiado (06/19/2022)
Great trail! Goes for a long way, was planning on looping around using Arroyo Seco Del Diablo Trail but there was a large ledge only the vehicles traveling with us that had very high ground clearance and skids were able to get over. Great trail! Rating for this trail is spot on, but where it connects to Arroyo Seco Del Diablo Trail is very difficult to get over. My lifted 4wd colorado struggled to get over it, and ended up scratching the back bumper pretty good. Pretty bumpy too definitely want to have some softer suspension for this. The bumps get old fast.
Vallecito Wash Trail (05/01/2022)
This trail has some sand that can be deep in sections, but I watched somebody drive the whole trail on street tires with 2wd. An easy trail for any experience level.
South Carrizo Creek - Anza Borrego (05/01/2022)
Great trail! Pinstriping is not bad, easy to avoid the bushes as long as you're not in a wide truck. The grade on the trail is very bumpy. Soft shocks help!