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  • 1997 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) (2.5" lift, 32" tires)

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1997 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 32"

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Kingston Peak (07/09/2022)
Love this trail. Amazing views but very bumpy. Still closed as of 9 July, however there was a Parks and Wildlife truck parked at the gate. He might have been checking it out to open it.
Elk Park Road (07/09/2022)
Simple road that makes for a great connecter between Moon Gulch or Pickle Gulch and Kingston Peak if you want to make a day of it. Has some nice views and a fun (optional) water crossing.
Moon Gulch (07/09/2022)
One of my favorite little trails in the area, also my favorite way to access Kinston Peak via Elk Park Road. Overall a pretty easy trail but deserves the moderate rating because of the mud pit towards the first half, and the switchbacks with ravines at the end. Nothing too difficult just pay attention. Has some nice views at spots and some beautiful Aspen groves.
Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk) (06/18/2022)
Surprisingly fun trail close to Denver! Fairly easy with just enough obstacles to make it interesting, beautiful views, and some fun suprises. Will definitely be back.