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  • 2022 Ford Tremor (Stock lift, 33" tires)

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2022 Ford Tremor

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 33"

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Georgia Pass (10/22/2022)
This trail really is one of the highlights of the Breckenridge area. It’s much steeper than the pictures make it seem on the north side, but isn’t particularly challenging. I ran it solo in a stock 2022 F-150 Tremor with no issues, other than some very minor rubbing over one of the water breaks. It’s easy enough that I didn’t need to get out to pick a line at any point. It’s an ideal trail for a body-on-frame truck/SUV with a factory off-road package—just steep and twisty enough to be interesting but never really stressful. There were a few patches of light ice that didn’t cause any traction issues in the last half mile of the north side before the summit. Other than that, it was completely clear. This will probably change given the snow expected to come in tomorrow.
Medano Pass (06/20/2022)
The trail is indeed fully open end-to-end. It’s in good condition with only a few challenging spots that can easily be bypassed. 2022 4Runner TRD-OR did fine and didn’t require the locker at any point. I’d imagine anything larger would acquire some pinstripes. I’d avoid in a crossover based on the rocky and crosscut sections.
Rollins Pass East (06/12/2022)
Trail is open until just before WP7, where two shaded cuts are still snowed in. I saw an ATV send it through and just barely make it, but get stuck trying to get back. It’s melting fast so I’d imagine it’ll be passable soon. Up to that point the trail is draining heavily but in good shape overall. No issues in a stock 4Runner TRD-OR. There is also a Jeep GC mysteriously blocking part of the road on the hill after the first hairpin but it appeared as if even full size trucks were just able to squeeze by.