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  • 1998 Jeep Cherokee (3" lift, 31" tires)

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1998 Jeep Cherokee

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 31"

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2N49 - Bailey Canyon (11/12/2022)
Ran this trail from the south end to the north. Awesome trail with some great views and a lot of places to set up camp. The rain we got last week has left a handful of deep ruts however they're all in easy spots where you can get a tire on each side and straddle it no problem. Lots of rocky sections but nothing challenging at all.
2N59 Rainbow Road (11/12/2022)
Short and easy trail. Saw a bobcat walking along the trail as I turned a corner but it ran off into the bushes before I could get a good picture. On the east side of the bridge there is a spot you can park and walk down to the creek. I wouldn't recommend driving down there because the path is small and there isn't much room to turn around at the end.
2N37 Miller Canyon OHV (11/12/2022)
Fun trail but I would say its easier than a 3 rating. A good chunk of it is paved and I had my Jeep in 2wd for probably 90% of it. The blockage that Kevin mentioned in his review has been cleared, I think I saw the remnants of that tree on the side of the road.
2N33 - Pilot Rock Truck Trail (11/12/2022)
Ran this trail from east to west starting at the 2N34 Tunnel Two intersection. The recent rains have left a handful of deep ruts that make it so you have to choose your line pretty carefully so in my rookie opinion I would say its more like a 3 rating. There are some fantastic views of the lake and some cool views of the desert to the north.
3N29 Sharpless Ranch (08/14/2022)
Good trail that will bring you up to Upper Lytle Creek. I used this to get over the hills into Lytle Creek to avoid traffic on the Cajon Pass. Probably took longer this way but better than sitting in traffic. Overall pretty easy but there's a lot of loose rocks that would make it difficult for a 2wd. No real obstacles though. There is a spot with a really nice view of Lone Pine Canyon that would probably look even better after some rain.
3N21 – Baldy Mesa Road (08/14/2022)
Really easy trail but can be really bumpy in spots. Just make sure to stay on the main trail. I saw and offshoot and drove down it for a bit. On my way back I noticed there was a sign that had been knocked over saying it was an illegal trail. I picked the sign up and propped it up as best I could, luckily I only went about 20 yards before turning around.
3N24 - Desert Front (08/14/2022)
Pretty easy trail overall. The wash that George Deyarmond mentioned in his review is still there but so are the rocks that he stacked so I was able to get over it without much trouble. This trail would be perfect for groups with a mix of ATV/dirt bikes and normal trucks/SUVs. There are tons of short alternate routes for ATVs that meet right back up with 3N24 after a short distance. Most of them you can see the alternate route from the main trial so you will barely lose sight of each other. Most of the trail runs along the northern part of the ridge where you can see Phelan and the desert off in the distance. The parts of the trail along the southern side of the ridge usually have some great views of the northern side of Lytle Creek/Lone Pine Canyon. In my opinion its worth taking the trip just to see the Baldy Mesa viewpoint at waypoint 14. Trail ends right at the 15 so be prepared to jump onto the freeway when you get done (assuming you run from west to east).