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Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk) (06/11/2022)
Has always been one of my favs. Clear all the way through with a few small mud pits.
Rollinsville (06/11/2022)
The last Boulder RD update was 5/27 and this road is supposed to be open around 5/15 so thought I'd check it out. Gates still closed on both ends. Would be nice to access our public lands, considering it's a month since normal seasonal opening.
Hamlin Gulch (06/05/2022)
Open all the way, never much traffic on this short trail. Waypoint 3 is narrow as mentioned but taking your time and a spotter would help.
Yankee Hill to Central City (06/05/2022)
Not much to add to Yankee Hill other than it's Yankee Hill: easy to get to, easy to run, close to Denver so always busy on the weekends. A LOT of RZRs but for the most part, everyone was staying the trail and polite. This is a great trail to start teaching your kiddo to drive/wheel, better if not on the weekend. But it's a go-to easy trail for taking visitors uneasy with challenging trails or those new to wheeling and exploring their capabilities.