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Halfmoon Creek (09/11/2022)
I did 100J and found it to push the limits of my rig, which is a JLU with 3.5" lift on 33's. The main obstacle at the 2nd water crossing was no joke. I had to winch the last 1-2' due to a 16-18" sharp-faced and totally loose boulder hooking my passenger rear shock and axle. The views at the top were pretty spectacular and made the effort worth it.
Beaver Ridge (08/13/2022)
I had a great time on this trail and could not believe how little traffic their was for a Saturday. The trail is starting to become a little overgrown in places and my JLU brushed against quite a few branches with no option to avoid them. There are a lot of hidden goodies to be found if you take your time to stop and explore off the main trail. I started from the southern side like the directions for this guide. After you cross the little creek and hang the left described there is a lot of deep rutting which requires good clearance, like the poster below describes. It appears the beaver dam is causing overflow which is causing some pretty good rutts and some of these are unavoidable. People have made a bypass that goes a little further to the side of the beaver dam, so this point is not an obstacle but you can see that the original trail is about halfway washed out. Most of the trail is easy but the rocky sections and the beaver washout earn this trail its rating in my opinion.