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2N02 - Burns Canyon (08/06/2022)
Excellent scenic route from Rimrock just outside of Yucca Valley to Baldwin Lake in Big Bear. Lots of great views. Any AWD SUV can take it, although you'll be more comfortable if you have at least some clearance and decent tires. 2WD pickups shouldn't have any trouble. There are only a few spots that might require thinking about your line. Great little day trip and a lot of camping along the way.
2N33 - Pilot Rock Truck Trail (07/23/2022)
2021 cherokee trailhawk 2 inch lift, 30.5 inch KO2s. Great trail. Absolutely worth the hype. I would say the main road should be rated a 2 because there are several spots where clearance is needed and at least one spot where 4wd is needed. The offshoots aren't terribly challenging, but still fun.