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  • 2021 Toyota 4Runner (3" lift, 33" tires)

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2021 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 33"
- 3in OME Lift - 33" BFG Mud Terrain's - SSO SlimLight Bumper - Warn 10K-S Winch - BajaDesigned 30" Light Bar - Gobi Stealth Roof Rack - Rock Sliders - RCI Full Skids

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Poughkeepsie Gulch (09/24/2022)
Not super scenic, but its a fun challenging route even with the bypass. The camping down at the connector with Engineer Pass is nice by the creek, and its about 45min to the main road.
Engineer Pass (09/12/2022)
We did this E to W, and the trail was extremely easy until you get to the last 1.5hr which is when you hit some pretty gnarly 4 shelfs. Its a slow tough right that final 1.5 stretch. The camping at the start of Poughkeepsie Gulch (when W to E) is pretty good too.
Black Bear Pass (09/08/2022)
Just the right amount of pucker factor! The steps where a pretty good drop, but on point for a "5" trail make sure you are ready for that. The most sketchy part of the shelf is right at the beginning, and the first switch back has a big rock on the right that you want to be aware of. I was a little reckless and was glad I had a rock slider on that side, otherwise I would have banged on the rock. The drive up the first half is very scenic, but the views after the steps looking down at Telluride is amazing. No camping on either side of the trail though.
Stony Pass (09/02/2022)
Fantastic way to start the Alpine Loop with great dispersed camping! The trail is a solid 3, maybe an easy 4 when you hit the forested area mid way through around waypoint 15. The camping way points identified were all pretty great, we stayed at 16 and it was amazing. The Lake Kite trail is a fun and worth while detour as well.