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  • 1996 Toyota 4Runner (2" lift, 33" tires)
From Santa Barbara County. My goal is to drive every trail in California.

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1996 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 33"
Custom skid plate and bumpers all around. 2.5 king coil overs in the front. Icon upper control arms. 2.5 fox shocks in the rear with outboard shock relocation kit.

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2N02 - Burns Canyon (09/24/2022)
This trail was a nice trail to spend a few hours on and you can definitely get any 4x4 out here. The selection of trails you can take are great and leave options for most levels of drivers. I would defintely suggest spending tow full days out there to hike and explore connected trails.
2N70Y - Sidewinder Canyon (09/24/2022)
Great trial if your vehicle is lifted a few inches and you are driving on 31"s or bigger. Some of the ruts are pretty serious and I would consider this closer to a 4 if you have not driven trails like this before. If you have more experience wheeling this could still be considered a 3. Overall, a nice intermediate trail.
2N61Y - Heartbreak Ridge (09/24/2022)
The environment you get to drive through is incredible, but the trail itself is a little bit tedious. There are a few technical spots that are a lot of fun but besides that, there is a lot of slow moving rock-garden type areas. It's definitely a time consuming trail and it feels like a lot of the same terrain the entire trail. Going up waypoint 3 was one of the more fun parts to the trail and actually got some use of the rock sliders. If you are looking for a good trail to spend half the day on, this is the one for you. If you do not plan on going up waypoint 3 this trail is probably a 4. If you got up waypoint 3 I would call this a 5. It is not especially difficult but I would definitely recommend rock sliders and a locker if you are taking this approach.
26E219 - Bald Mountain (07/31/2022)
Best trail I have done yet. There are plenty of hard lines if you choose to do that but there is almost always a way around so you can bring most lifted vehicles with a locker through. The view at the top is definitely worth the trip. I would recommend giving yourself a whole day out there to explore all the other offshoots.