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Rock Crawling
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  • 2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (3.5" lift, 39" tires)
  • 1988 Jeep Wrangler (2 door) (6+" lift, 40"+ tires)
  • 1946 Jeep CJ (Stock lift, 26" tires)
Marcus is a 4th generation Buena Vista, Colorado native who grew up bouncing around the central Colorado mountains in the back of his dad's CJ5. During his younger years, Marcus grew to appreciate public lands and the recreation opportunities backroads and 4-wheel drive trails offer. Marcus has been wheeling for 20 years now and has wheeled in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California. Until a few years ago Marcus had just been a participant in the wheeling community, but he has become much more active in preserving trails and working to make sure the wheeling community has their access maintained for future generations. In 2017 Marcus helped to found Colorado Off Road Enterprise - CORE, based out of Buena Vista. CORE has worked with the Forest Service and BLM and has volunteer agreements in place with both organizations. CORE also has a Forest Service trail adoption agreement in place for Grizzly Lake, Pomeroy Lake, Hancock Lake, Hancock Pass, and Tincup Pass, Tomichi Pass, Williams Pass, Ptarmigan Lake, Mineral Basin, Clohesy Lake, Lost Canyon, Champion Mill, Iron Mike Mine, and Slide Lake. If Marcus is not working you can generally find him somewhere out on the trails around Buena Vista.

My Garage (3)

2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 3.5"
Tire Size: 39"
2018 Jeep JLU, 3.6L motor,​ and 8-speed automatic transmission. 3.5" Metal Cloak Game Changer Lift. Falcon 3.3 shocks. 39" KM3 BFG Tires on 17x9 Battleborn Bootlegger Beadlock Wheels. 10K Warn Winch and ARB dual compressor.

1988 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 6+"
Tire Size: 40"+
1988 Jeep Wrangler YJ...well the body is an 88 at least. The motor is a 4.0 HO from a Cherokee, which is mated to a AX15 transmission and then to a doubler built with the front half of an NP231 case and a 4 to 1 low range Dana 300. The wheelbase has been stretched to 105" and the lift is from a 4-link rear and a 3-link front with ORI Struts. The front axle is a SuperDuty Dana 60 with a Yukon Grizzly Locker. The rear axle is a SuperDuty 10.5 with a Yukon Grizzly Locker. Complimenting all of this is a hydro assist steering system, 40" Cooper STT Pro Tires, BattleBorn beadlocks and armor on just about everything.

1946 Jeep CJ

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 26"
1962 CJ2A. All original with a 12v conversion. Still running bias-ply tubed tires.

My Trail Reviews (45)

(within last 6 months)
Lathrop Canyon (11/13/2022)
Awesome day in Lathrop Canyon. Easy trail for a stock 392 Wrangler. Driving down the wash was a cool experience.
Tusher Tunnel (11/13/2022)
Quick trip to the tunnel on our way out of town. Always a great side trip.
Shafer Trail (11/13/2022)
Cold and a little sketchy at the top with snow and ice on the first few switchbacks but no issues.
White Rim (11/13/2022)
Drove in to access Lathrop Canyon and back out. Lots of traffic both motorized and MTN bikes. Saw a few desert Big Horn sheep and the side trip to Musselman Arch is really cool.
Tower Arch (11/11/2022)
Cold and muddy along parts of the trail, but a beautiful day in Arches. Lots of traffic along the route, and it was easy for our new 392 wrangler.
Klondike Bluffs (11/11/2022)
A bit cold today and somewhat muddy, but never a bad day on the trail in Utah. Ran this with a brand new stock 392 wrangler.
Eye of the Whale (11/11/2022)
Easy day on Eye of the Whale. Cold at 41 degrees and some muddy spots. Lots of traffic along the trail so watch the blind corners. Hit the arch right near sunset and the sun made the arch glow as it were lit.
Klondike Bluffs Escape via Baby Steps (11/11/2022)
A bit cold and muddy today, but we had the trail to ourselves. Ran this with a brand new stock 392 wrangler and we navigated the trail without issue.
Jones Mountain/Ptarmigan Lake (10/30/2022)
Still open for a bit longer if you can navigate the snow.
Mineral Basin (10/29/2022)
Still open for a bit longer if you can navigate the snow.
Grizzly Lake (10/20/2022)
Beautiful October day. Some trail work before winter. Secured a log to hold the road up at waypoint 4 so it’s not as dangerous as before and drained the avalanche field ruts just before the lake parking lot.
Tomichi Pass (10/18/2022)
The trail is open (for now, winter will close it soon) and the landslide is not an issue as reported on 10/9. You do need to drive over the original landslide as shown in Waypoint 3 of the guide and seen in the trail video. CORE rebuilt a new road over the top of the landslide in 2019. If you are looking at Tomichi from Hancock Pass you can still see how the landslide originally covered the Tomichi Trail with about 30' of material, but the road is currently still open if you have the nerves to drive up and over the slide.
Jones Mountain/Ptarmigan Lake (10/16/2022)
Still open on a beautiful Sunday. No other people around.
Mineral Basin (10/16/2022)
Still open and totally dry. Only saw a few hunters.
Ivanhoe Lake (09/04/2022)
After putting up signs we headed over to see the tunnel. This side trip was quite, even on the busy weekend.
Hagerman Pass (09/04/2022)
Spent the day on the pass installing new kiosk signs. Beautiful day, but there was a lot of traffic for the holiday weekend.
Williams Pass (09/01/2022)
Another year come and gone. Closed the gate for the season today. See ya in 2023.
Mount Antero (08/31/2022)
Abandoned campsite clean up yesterday between Antero and White. Quiet day for traffic, which was good because we pulled a little trailer up and down the road to haul the trash.
Iron Chest (08/28/2022)
Amazing late summer day! Not another person in sight all day.
Hayden Pass (08/20/2022)
Mostly cloudy day, but we didn't get rained on. It was a bit foggy at the summit, but the views on both sides of the pass were gorgeous. We had the west side of the pass to ourselves, but it was busy at the summit.
Pearl Pass (08/07/2022)
Probably my favorite pass in Colorado. Great day in the mountains, perfect weather BV and no rain. Barely any traffic after the Montezuma Basin intersection. Only saw 4 SxS machines way down on the CB side.
Taylor Pass (08/07/2022)
Clear day on Taylor Pass. Very few people or vehicles. Easy trip up and over to Pearl Pass.
Black Bear Pass (08/06/2022)
Got to run Black Bear Backwards today with Western Slope 4 Wheelers. One day each summer they pull a permit for the club to drive up from the Telluride side. Great day.
Cinnamon Pass (08/06/2022)
Ran the pass from Silverton to Lake City. Not much traffic and no rain.
Williams Pass (07/31/2022)
Trail is open for August! Enjoy the views and stay the trail.
Mount Baldy (07/24/2022)
CORE removed the rockfall today. Trail is clear to the top.
Poughkeepsie Gulch (07/16/2022)
We helped Western Slope 4 Wheelers put post and cable up to keep users on the trail at The Wall. Rained hard in the afternoon making tires muddy and rocks slick. Recovered a UTV that flopped due to the conditions.
Williams Pass (07/13/2022)
Trail work today clearing trees and checking trail conditions. Trail is on schedule to open August 1st.
Fourmile Area: Lenhardy Cutoff (07/09/2022)
Beaver pond at waypoint 2 washed out the culvert but the road is now easily passable since the FS fixed the road.
Hancock Lake (07/03/2022)
Fishing with the family. Had the lake all to ourselves.
Pomeroy Lakes (07/02/2022)
Busy day fishing at the upper lake, 20 fly fishermen came in after us. Hailed the entire drive out.
Hancock Pass (07/01/2022)
No snow left anywhere. The west Alpine Tunnel road to Pitkin is now open.
Hancock Pass (06/26/2022)
Fully open, no issues. You still can’t get to Pitkin yet due to rock scaling.
Iron Chest (06/26/2022)
A day in the clouds. Quick drive up and back, didn’t see anyone else outside our group.
Tomichi Pass (06/25/2022)
CORE shoveled out the road at Waypoint 3 and the trail is fully open for the season.
Mount Princeton (06/19/2022)
Trail is fully open to the top.
Alpine Tunnel West (06/18/2022)
Closed due to rock scaling.
Hancock Pass (06/17/2022)
If you can handle deep snow on the St Elmo side, the pass is open. However, you can’t get to Pitkin because the Alpine Tunnel road is closed to rock scaling.
Cumberland Pass (06/13/2022)
Pass is totally free from snow. Went over the pass early this morning to a trail work job. Didn’t see another vehicle.
Baldwin Lake (06/10/2022)
Trail is fully open to the mine if you can manage the snow. Lake still has ice on it.
Mount Antero (06/10/2022)
Open to about halfway up the lower switchbacks. Still deep snow in places.
Mount Princeton (06/09/2022)
Busted through snow on the switchbacks and it’s open to waypoint 6. Deep snow at that point.
Hancock Lake (06/02/2022)
Today we opened the trail to the lake parking area. Still some deep snow in places but within a few days our tracks will be melted out.
Pomeroy Lakes (06/02/2022)
Open to almost waypoint 8. Deep snow on the road.
Hancock Pass (06/02/2022)
Open to treeline, Waypoint 2. Deep snow on the road, will take several days for our tracks to melt out.