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  • 2011 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (1" lift, 32" tires)

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2011 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 1"
Tire Size: 32"

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Forest Service Road 523 (10/22/2022)
This is an easy but very enjoyable trail. There are several fen-like open areas where I saw a small elk herd. I had to break out the Silky Bigboy to slay some Ponderosa pines that fell across the road. Good exercise. Along the western end of the trail is a marvelous view of the Laramie river valley and southern Wyoming. Plenty of dispersed camping and no traffic at all in mid-October.
Crown Point Road (10/09/2022)
Crown Point Road is a well maintained, mostly two lane, gravel road that runs from Pingree Park Road to the Comanche Peak Wilderness Area. In early October the Aspen trees were in full autumn glory, yellow and magenta everywhere. There are broad swaths of fire-scarred hillsides due to the Cameron Peak fire, interesting in their own right, but be aware that whole mountainsides are basically charred pine trees and charcoal. However, succession is taking over as young Aspen stands are starting to grow again with green underbrush. There are several forest service side roads that exit from Crown Point. And dispersed camping is abundant.
Salt Cabin Park Road (10/09/2022)
Salt Cabin Park Road is a mostly single lane spur road off of Crown Point Road. 4-high/4-low depending on where you are on the road. In early October many aspen groves are in full autumn glory. There are several spots with grand sweeping views of Roosevelt National forest and surrounding valleys. Numerous dispersed campsites along the road.
Sand Creek Pass (10/01/2022)
I ran Sand Creek Pass north to south. The first half is single lane, 4-high and 4-low. This section is mostly deep forest of pine, fir and spruce. The second half is a well graded two-lane road. I saw Dusky Grouse and mule deer on the way. There are many opportunities for dispersed camping. Numerous small groves of aspen trees in full fall glory. Very nice to stop a few times along the way for the peace and solitude.
Old Flowers Road (08/21/2022)
Trail is dry and really nice in August. Forest is regenerating everywhere after the High Park fire with young ponderosa pine, young aspen stands and wildflowers. Several spots along the way with vistas of surrounding mountains. Plenty of dispersed camping sites if you need them.
Pratt Creek (07/10/2022)
Road is dry and mostly easy for high clearance vehicles. Only a few OHV’s on the road. Beautiful deep forests along the way.