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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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  • 2010 Toyota Tacoma (3" lift, 32" tires)
Ugly giant bag of mostly water.

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2010 Toyota Tacoma

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 32"
Toytec lift RCI skids and sliders Method 704s FlipPac

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Peewink Mountain (10/16/2022)
Easy driving but with some pretty rewarding views. The campsites look pretty good. The FS (or somebody) has put out water tanks and haul containers to put out your campfires, so it must be pretty popular.
Georgia Pass (10/08/2022)
Still clear and virtually dry. Tiniest bit of moist dirt. There's some snow in the shade off the trail. Not too busy and easy route finding. Tempted to say easier, but I'll go with "spot on".
Middle Fork Swan River (09/04/2022)
Well, as I was heading up the bypass at Tombstone hill I thought to myself "I don't remember it being this hard, and it seems like more than a 4", but I'm still novice enough to not trust my opinion. But I feel a lot better reading Trint's 7/17 review down below. I think this is my favorite of any trail I've driven. Fun and challenging enough for me and tremendous views at the top. We combine with Sts. John for an awesome day. As a bonus there were several good-sized herds of mountain goats up there.
Moon Gulch (07/03/2022)
Probably not surprising, but all dry now except for just a tiny bit of mud at waypoint 6.
Dakota Hill (07/03/2022)
100% dry. It's July after all.
Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk) (07/03/2022)
Wasn't on the plan, but was the most interesting driving of the day for us today.