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Coney Creek Road (aka Coney Flats) (06/26/2021)
We ran MSV and tried to run Coney Flats today. Both trails are open. Running up MSV was straightforward. We turned to head up Coney Flats. Near the top, the last major obstacle is torn up beyond belief. This section used to be a ledgy section with a couple different lines to take. It's now a series of large boulders, some of them loose and able to shift under tire. Multiple rock stacking attempts have left bowling ball sized rocks all over the place as well. We watched a lifted Rubicon make it through with extreme difficulty. The first vehicle in our pack was a stock height LJ Rubicon. The obstacle thwarted us. No matter what line we tried, shifting rocks and dug out, muddy ruts meant the Jeep got hung up several times. With the LJ unable to make the climb and less capable vehicles behind it in our pack, we decided to turn back. I've never seen that obstacle as bad as it is right now.
Middle St. Vrain (06/26/2021)
We ran MSV today in both directions after being turned back by the seriously torn up condition of the upper obstacle on Coney Flats. MSV was muddy due to the rain this weekend and water was streaming down the trail. Otherwise, it was in excellent condition. The gatekeeper feels like it has been beaten down some and given the state of the Coney Flats obstacle, may need to be built back up to serve it's purpose properly.