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Poughkeepsie Gulch (10/05/2021)
We took the bypasses. I'd call it a hard four with our route, but we had no problems other than some very slight trail damage. XJ 2.5" lift, 30" BFG K02s, rear LSD. With the bypasses there are not really an "hard" sections, no need to get out and spot, but it is consistently tricky. On some of the steep rocky climbs I was pretty thankful for my posi out back. Lots of great camping at the north end. Lake Como is absolutely gorgeous.
Engineer Pass (10/05/2021)
I've done full Engineer Pass before but we were camping on Poughkeepsie and took a wrong turn and did part of it as the sun was coming down so thought I'd share the experience. The trail does require spotting in some places. We had a lot of gear up on our roof rack making my XJ (2.5", 30", LSD, frame stiffeners) tippier than usual so making it a little harrowing. That's on us, obviously. But in my assessments there are absolutely obstacles where you could potentially tip a vehicle if not careful, so definitely get out and spot if you think you should (particularly coming down east-west). This is one of those situations where obstacles are not what they seem until you walk them. We turned east from the alpine connector rather than west to go back to the camp site and made it up to Engineer Pass before I realized what I did. My girlfriend is usually pretty good with this stuff but I saw her get sick for the first time on the way back. She thinks it was the elevation combined with the trail. If you have anyone who gets green around the gills might be good to keep in mind. Your passenger is also going to be looking at a lot of sheer drops. We had also put in a hard day of wheeling so that likely contributed as well. Thankfully I have extra lights installed but I wouldn't suggest taking the trail in dark if avoidable. We wound up shattering my back glass (somehow). But from my prior experience I'll say this is a very rewarding trail with absolutely incredible views. Probably my favorite in CO. I would only call the western 1/3 or so a "trail". Once you get a little ways east of the pass it's mostly a well maintained dirt road. Don't forget to download the Jeep app and get your badge of honor! Also, there is bathroom on this trail about a mile west of the pass.
California Pass (10/04/2021)
Beautiful easy trail compared to others in the area. We really enjoyed it.