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  • 2022 Chevrolet Colorado (Stock lift, 31" tires)

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2022 Chevrolet Colorado

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 31"

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Lead King Basin (09/25/2022)
Ran this trail on 9/25/2022 in a Colorado ZR2 and a stock Silverado, in the clockwise direction looping with crystal river trail. No real difficulty until after the switchbacks. Plenty of rollers on the western half of the trail up to the bottom of the switchbacks that gave this trail a "roller coaster" feel. The silverado did scrape it's belly on a few of these and a short wheelbase vehicle with better approach, breakover, and departure angles will find these very easy. After the switchbacks the trail gets much rockier and careful line choice becomes more important. Engine, transmission, and differential skid plates were all used. The silverado did need spotting throughout this rockier portion of the trail. Plenty of dispersed campsites (~10) were spotted throughout the trail. Saturday and Sunday on these trails are CROWDED with many people in rental jeeps practicing poor trail etiquette. Please remember that ascending drivers have the right of way and it is important to back up to a spot where it is safe to pass, not pull as far as you can to the side of the shelf road and throw your hands up as if to say "that's the best I can do".
Crystal City (09/25/2022)
Ran this trail from East to West on 9/25/22 in a Colorado ZR2 and a stock Silverado. The portion from the eastern end of this trail (where it meets Schofield pass and Lead King Basin) to the town of Crystal is quite rocky, difficult, and not to be underestimated. This part should be considered a "4" difficulty rating. Everything west of the town of Crystal was pretty easy and deserving of it's rating of a 3. The western portion of the trail is still very rocky and had plenty of standing water in the trail, but any high clearance 4x4 will make it. No, you should not take your Subaru/ Honda CRV/ Hyundai Santa Fe on this road. It can be done with careful line choice but you risk overheating your transmission, slicing a tire, and not having the clearance to make it over some of the rocky sections without adding some new ventilation ports to your oil pan. This trail is crowded with both vehicles and hikers, and stranding an under-equipped vehicle blocking the trail would not be a very considerate thing to do.
Black Bear Pass (07/19/2022)
Ran this trail on a stock 2022 Chevy Colorado ZR2 crew cab with some extra skid plates. I’m not very experienced so a spotter was helpful on the steps and on a couple of the switchbacks. Did scrape my belly and hitch once or twice. Overall not terribly difficult and a ton of fun with gorgeous views of telluride.