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  • 2016 Toyota Tundra (3" lift, 35" tires)

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2016 Toyota Tundra

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Imogene Pass (07/24/2020)
Ran the trail in a Tundra on 35's, no issues whatsoever. Ran from the Yankee Boy Basin side, no issues with off-camber portions either. Just pick your line carefully and you'll be golden. I will say it is VERY busy, lots of the typical instagram-ers stopping for pictures which really slows down trail traffic both ways, so be prepared. Good thing the scenery is beautiful!
Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (07/02/2020)
Good trail, but very very busy. There are ~40 marked campsites between waypoints 2 and 3. The road is essentially a dirt road at this point, so everyone and their mother can make it here. Past the private property it gets *slightly* more technical, but I use that term lightly. Overall it's very easy and doable in any vehicle with high clearance. Ran this in a lifted Tundra w/ no issues. For the best camping, go all the way to waypoint 7, but remember to stay on the trail. When I visited I could see recent tracks of people going on clearly marked closed trails. Also made the walk to the iron fens, it's about 2.5 miles out and back, definitely worth it!
Chihuahua Gulch (06/20/2020)
Trail is open all the way to the lake trailhead. Ran it in a lifted Tundra on 35's. Outside of being bumpy (make sure you air down) this trail was a breeze. The camp spot at waypoint 6 is the best! There is a creek running by it, and to the north east is an emergency cabin. Great views, fun trail. Will be back to fish the middle valley lakes.
Clohesy Lake (05/15/2020)
As Marcus mentioned the trail is opened just past waypoint 7. After the meadow the trail is covered in snow, and there is avalanche debris just before the gate. Great trail, ran it in a lifted Tundra w/ no issues. A stock F-150 and stock 08 4Runner accompanied me, they had a tougher time but made it just fine.
Metberry Gulch (05/02/2020)
Open and BUSY. Lots of fun though. Ran the trail in a lifted Tundra, and it wasn't a problem at all. The only part that got tight was the Tippy V-Notch rock. It's been washed out significantly but nothing unmanageable. Definitely will run it again, but might not camp since it's so busy. Overall a good time.
Crossons (04/10/2020)
Trails is open and dry. The camping spot at the end of the trail is gorgeous.