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1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Lift Size: 6+"
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Alabama Hills - Movie Flat (Area) (11/13/2020)
The area is very beautiful and unique. The trail itself was easy but keep an eye out for rocks/boulders. Also keep an eye out for campers on the trail - many points dead end and campers find their way into the cracks and crevices. We camped at high ground camp and there was nightmarish winds from about 9pm until 3am. The group was getting blasted with sands, privacy tents and other goods flew off without a trace into the night. Roof top tents were lifting off the ground about 6 inches and slamming back down. Will not be returning for camping there due to the winds but day trips are still on the table.
Senator Highway (10/11/2020)
Took this trail from Crown King to Prescott. It was very scenic and beautiful as the road winds in and out of mountains and valleys. But it was also very bumpy which led to lots of gas, break, steer, repeat... x1000. I'm definitely being dramatic but those types of roads annoy the bejesus out of me. As you get into Prescott you find it was all well worth the drive (and those darned bumps).
Backway to Crown King, Arizona (10/10/2020)
Very scenic trail. It's pretty neat to start at Lake Pleasant and work your way up to higher elevations - there is just so much to see. There are also lots of obstacle off-shoots too for the daring that'll keep this interesting. Be cautious of the UTVs ripping up and down this trail. There are two rock ledges which you have to traverse which are no issue for SUVs and shorter wheel base vehicles but apparently my 2020 Jeep Gladiator was a tad long (136" hub-to-hub). Let's just say my rock sliders, skid plates, and muffler got a lot of action on those two ledges. It was a fairly narrow spot so not many options for a better line.
Salt Valley Road (09/13/2020)
We took this trail to the start of Tower Arch so only did a portion of it, but that portion was literally a dirt road so nothing exciting. BUT there is some awesome dispersed camping next to the rocks. Careful with pets as there is a lot of sticker bushes.
Long Canyon (09/12/2020)
Beautiful, relaxing trail. Lots of sights to take in at every turn. The status was listed as closed so we took a chance and went to check in person and confirmed it was open with a few rigs already on the trail.
Eye of the Whale (09/11/2020)
This is a fun enough trail. Especially coming off Tower Arch, this is a nice side trail with a couple small obstacles.
Tower Arch (09/11/2020)
What an awesome trail! This is the perfect blend of being technical enough for beginners to get some experience while still entertaining the advanced drivers. The area is beautiful with rock formations all around. I'd do this trail again in a heart beat. I wouldn't recommend this trail for full-size rigs - I have a Jeep Gladiator Rubicon and still scraped the underbelly in a few spots.